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    I am officially on the start of going 24/7 for as long as I can handle it. I have already been about 72 hours and only have been using the potty for #2. I am hoping to make it atleast a year. I am married with 2 sons along with a step son so keeping it from them will be one of the hardest parts but thankfully I have a very loving wife who fully supports me. I am working on building up my diaper supply so I dont run out if money becomes tight. I look forward to keeping you all up dated.

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    Wow, a year! With 2 sons? Well good luck, I have never gone 24/7 before, kinda hope to one day.

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    May I ask why you want to do this, especially since you have to hide it from your sons.

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    Being into diapers since I was 13 and I have pondering the idea for months now. I probably wont have to hide it that much as my wife and I take care of disabled gentleman who is IC so if I am making any crinkle they will think its him. My wife was cool with the idea so I decided to just go with and try it out.

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    I guess you'll have all personal care products ( or baby products) because you can have a diaper rash

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