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    can anyone suggest a good place for me and a caregiver to do a nappy change that is not the either of our homes ?


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    Hmm, I suppose a public restroom that has a lock on the door would be a good place. It's hard to think of good places for that kind of stuff. Back seat of a car? I dunno, best I can tell you is to get creative, but also don't push too many boundaries.


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    I've been changed in a lot of places, some more public than others, but never in front of other random people. If you're out for the day, and dad thinks you need a change, tell him to try:

    * Family restrooms - Single stall with a locking door.
    * In the back of the car - If you're small enough, try doing it there, or do it in the trunk area if he has an SUV.
    * In a clearing (forest) - I've been changed on a park bench in the forest that was obscured by trees, away from people.
    * In an alcove (beach) - I've been changed on a towel at the beach in a little rock alcove where nobody could see. Anyone around was out of earshot, and beyond the line of sight.
    * Standing up in a regular bathroom - If you must, try having your daddy change you in a regular bathroom stall while you're standing up.

    That's about all I can think of for now. If you guys are going to have babysitting adventures, I'm sure you'll come up with ideas. You'll become less afraid with time, too. The embarrassment factor wears off fast.

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    I'm guessing by your use of the word 'nappy' instead of 'diaper' that you might be in the UK. If you are in the UK then the changing places website might be worth having a quick look at. They're basically supersized baby changing rooms.

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    thanks for your advice guys did not think to look for an adult changing place, didnt think any would exist near me

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    I've been changed in public in a few different places, but it's hard to come up with new places. Once you've been changed in two or three different ones, it's pretty much the same thing over and over :p


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    best advice I can give you is to try :

    but you will need a radar key but they are great saying they have a changing table

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