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    This has nothing to do with this site. But I don't know where else to rant. The person I need to rant about has a Twitter, Facebook and follows my blog so she'll see this and I don't want to cause problems. She doesn't know about my caretaker fetish

    I have a good friend, she's pretty much my sister. I love her so much. And it used to be, she would tell me she missed me and that she needed to see me (we live about 4 hours away from each other). Obviously I'm not the only important person in her life. But lately all she seems to say is how much she wants different people when she's upset. And I feel so stupid and selfish for thinking this...but I feel like I'm not good enough. I sit there and listen to her rant and comfort her, only to be told that she wants her older brother or her cousin. I get I'm not biologically family but we see each other that way. And lately it's like I'm not good enough. She doesn't need me there. Like I'm just there to rant to and then I'm done and we can go on to talk about other things. I don't need to be told I'm missed, it'd just be nice to hear. I hate causing waves so I can't talk to her about it. She says she loves me, that she's grateful for me. But I just don't feel needed.

    I just needed to get it off my chest. Call me crazy if you want, I just can't keep holding it in without going crazy.

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    I hope you're feeling a bit better, now that you've got it off your chest. *gently pats Jasmine*

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    Sorry you're feeling that way. It's tough caring about someone yet feeling that you're not cared about in the same way! Keep being a friend to her, and someday she'll realize you've been there for her all along, and she'll appreciate that.

    "I need you to need me."

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    I've heard others complain about this, even in Ann Landers letters. Usually the advise is that you have to accept your role. Often one just moves on. You can be her friend and be there for her, but her personality is set. I don't think she is going to change, so you must learn to accept who she is, and that your relationship will go no further. Expand your horizons and realize that there are many others in this world. I would suggest that you try to expand your network of friends. Eventually you will find someone where you click.

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