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    Default Time to grow up!

    I'm sitting here kinda curled up in a comfy diaper with my paci and teddy desperately hanging on to the last threads of an awesome night of regression. my partner has just got up and I'm feeling a little abandoned right now. I know I have to grow up right now and it sucks big time. I know I'm probably going to be a sook all day. How do others feel when they don't get to complete the regression experience? or are forced to leave that wonderful baby time, because you 'have big stuff' that's gotta be done.

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    You remember that this regression of yours is a game, not a reality. You remember that when the day is over, you should cherish the fact that you can stop "being a baby" whenever.

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    While valuable advice above post does little to answer ozbub's question. My answer...Meh, I've never tried a "regression session" with my girlfriend, even by myself so I can't help you much. I assume it would be pretty disappointing though right up there with your about to fall asleep but realize you have something you gotta do first.

    - Chance

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    It can be a bit disappointing when you have to stop being little before you really want to. It might help to try and gradually ease your way back into adult life - for example, you could get dressed and remove your padding but keep using your paci for an extra 10 minutes.

    When all is said and done you are an adult and you have adult responsibilities. The good thing is you can always be a baby again after you've done the things you need to do as a grown up. That's the way I view it - going to work might be an adult activity, but it generates the cash that allows me to have an awesome time being little when I'm not doing grown up things.

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    I'll admit, it really is dumb. And despite what seems like an unpopular choice throughout the threads, my little side is pretty prominent throughout my life. So, yeah, having to attend to responsibilities before you're done with regression is obviously painful, but in the end you have to do what you have to do.

    Granted, I'm not telling you "you're an adult, man! Get your act together!". In fact, I don't see myself as an adult at all, and that might get me some backlash, but in the end I still get my responsibilities done, and Im still able to finish off whatever is expected of me. The point is, no matter what you see yourself as, this is life, and life calls for doing a ton of things we don't exactly want to do. You can still have a somewhat-"little" mindset when tending to what's needed of you, though! As long as it doesn't detrimentally alter your ability to do the job correctly, who cares if you feel like a child while doing it? That's my opinion, anyway.

    But yes, attending to responsibilities stinks all the time, whether you're in "little" mode or not (but especially when you're in "little" mode ;D)

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    It usually leaves me feeling frustrated, both with myself (for not getting my fill from the 'session') and with the situation. I often compare it to being sexually frustrated; being unable to be fully little all the time is fine, in fact, I don't think I could spend all or even most of my time in that deep level of regression I seek. But having repeated stimulation of that part of me (attempted regression, someone 'making me' feel little and not following through) without the 'climax' of the deep level of regression makes me very frustrated and 'desperate' and often makes it harder for me to regress next time, because I'm anticipating failure.

    If we're talking about times when I've REACHED that deep regression, but I now need to come out of it and be an adult for whatever reason, I usually find it helps me to have a transition stage rather than jumping right from 'total infant' to 'FULL ON ADULT'.

    For instance, last time I fully regressed was with my Mommy. I was in a thick cloth diaper and onesie, sucking my paci, cooing and being all adorable and whatnot, and then she gently reminded me her parents would be home in an hour or we took the time to wind down...I unpinned my cloth diaper while she got me out some big girl clothes, and then she dressed me. She also put me in a fresh, thin disposable diaper. We cuddled on the sofa for a little while and I had my paci in for a bit before her mum came home (but not clipped to me) the time her mum did get in, I was able to be a functional 'adult'.

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    Well you know I wasn't as bad as I thought. I took a shower and kinda told myself to get on with it, being an adult that is. Seriously though, it seemed like every time I encountered even the lightest "little" distraction, I melted back into a sultry baby mindset. Yeah, I got the big stuff done, but....It's a tough gig being Adult and Baby all at the same time. I don't mind really, in fact I love feeling little, I just have to be clever at acting big when I Feel like that. Gotta say, it is awesome having a partner who will allow me at least some full on baby time, she's amazing.

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    I can be a baby all day if I want to, by myself or with my daddy and even in public. I can do my adult business all dressed up as a toddler and go about my day in public if want. The lady at my bank see me dressed up in my blues clues overalls all the time that she asked me today why i didn't have them on when I came in.

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