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    Default new and wearing 24/7

    Hi i am new here and I am I am going 24/7. I started 24/7 on tuesday. I am only using the potty for #2 and i wear every where i go but i dont yet about my parents.

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    Thank you for joining our community. Have you ever been in another ABDL community?

    What are your non-ABDL hobbies/interests? How long have you known you were a DL?

    I'm a software engineer in Virginia with interests, outside of ABDL, in online games (that has taken a back seat for now) and watching Virginia Tech play football.

    I knew I liked diapers since I was 3 and knew to a certain extent I was an AB my late teens. I discoverred what I was actually had a name in January of this year and I'm 39.
    Take care and enjoy the site.

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    This is my first abdl non dl interest include time with my wife (who fully supports me) and my two kids. I enjoy playing sports in my free time. Ive known i was a dl since atleast 13.

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