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Thread: looking for a really thin diaper or pull up

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    Default looking for a really thin diaper or pull up

    Hi im looking for the thinnest diaper or pull up i can find so i can get used to them in public and also get up the confidance for wearing them. Any one have any suggestions

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    The new depends that are said to fit like underwear are actually descent.

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    Tranquility diapers and briefs are very thin and super absorbent.
    You can get a free sample here: Diaper Request Form

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    Molicare premium soft

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    Very thin, quiet and confortable.
    They can hold well, but need to be changed quickly if you loose a full bladder in them.

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    Depends Real Fit will work like a charm! Anytime you walk, there's barely any crinkles if you like being sneaky about it.

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    certainty underwear. Warning they are not all that absorbent. I am wearing them right now and they don't hold even a quarter bladder's full for me.

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    Default Re: looking for a really thin diaper or pull up

    I just got some of the tena dissreet medium's. I tried one on my walk home and managed to hold a full bladder in one. And they feel like im waering nothing at all compared to the tena level 4 for men which felt like as.bulky as hell. The other thing too is i am limited to buying in the shops like a chemist. Which kind of limits me to depends for men, tena for men level 4 which would are nice when im home on me own but the tena discreet almost feel like nothing at all and i love it as it will give me confidance to wear the. Please i would love feed back. More the better.

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    The WALMART / SAMS CLUB house brand briefs aren't too bad. I actually wear the ATTENDS EXTENDED WEAR BREATHABLE now because they are a good balance between thin and highly absorbent.

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    Default Re: looking for a really thin diaper or pull up

    So i tried filling them up as much as i ciuld while sitting down a managed to do a few medium sized pee's in them then i the tolite and let a flood go. They held it with out leaking but that was the end they were definatly full. So i think i can get a couple of good pee's in them with no problem and they apear invisible when wearing clothes so i think when im out this will be ny choice. I dont know about around the house. I have some tena level 4 for men to try but that will have to wait a week to really try

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    Default Re: looking for a really thin diaper or pull up

    Thanks people

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