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Thread: How long can you go without wearing diapers?

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    Question How long can you go without wearing diapers?

    I ask this question not because I am necessarily interested in the length of time (I have seen the other threads on this) but because I am curious about other people's experience going without and what it does to them.

    Unlike many people on this site I have never gone through a binge and purge cycle and I find that it is because the pressure builds in me very quickly. After a full week of going without I am very grouchy, can't concentrate, and am generally less functional than I normally am. At two weeks, the longest I have ever gone since I first bought diapers, diapers are literally all I can think about. I can't imagine ever going through a cycle of purging- when I'm down to the last couple diapers I start to feel tremendous anxiety until I buy myself more.

    Does anyone else experience it this way? I feel like my sanity is directly correlated with how often I get to play with diapers and that after a certain point I just can't function. Is this normal?

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    I'm the same way. If I don't diaper up within a few days diapers are like the only thing on my mind. I develop diaper brain if you will.

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    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets diaper brain. Besides the secrecy problem, it's the hardest thing for me about being DL. I feel very out of control if I don't play with diapers a couple days a week.

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    Default Sv: How long can you go without wearing diapers?

    i have a diaper brain to. i have very hard to be without diapers more then a couple of days.

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    Diaper Brain here too, but I tell myself that it will all be worth it when I get my own job and finally move out.

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    Same here, after a few days I have to wear or it consumes everything I think about until I wear again. It's essentially an addiction, or at least follows the same pattern of behavior.

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    Few weeks at a time, Work+school=busy. Though id like to kick back and enjoy the finer things, time is a leisure i do not seem to posses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieAutomatic View Post
    Few weeks at a time, Work+school=busy. Though id like to kick back and enjoy the finer things, time is a leisure i do not seem to posses.
    Do you find yourself slowly going crazy during that time? Personally I get diaper brain - I love that term - so bad that it becomes the only important thing. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do ANYTHING until I get my fix.
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    If I get my "fix" I can wear for a few weeks then I can choose to stop if I want or carry on. If I stop I can go a month maybe 3 before gradually the need returns, and I would say it's way much more an emotional need than a sexual one. I start to feel really agaitated and unsettled generally.

    Anyone else find that?

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    Pretty much all the time. Last time in a disposable was almost 2 months ago. Before that, 4 months, before that, too long to remember. Point is, extended periods. I can't get diapers as I live in the country, too far away to bike somewhere, and don't have my license (though I will in a few months).

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