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Thread: How you become AB/DL

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    Lightbulb How you become AB/DL

    I am writting this for those a bit like me and wants to know how they became to like nappys (diapers). My hope with this post is to write how started liking this to see if others can relate in a way and post their on ideas as well helping accept who they are.

    I only recently figured this out but here goes. I have aspergers which is a form of autism which means social interactions and emotions are alien to me. I spent my entire life trying to fit into society doing everything I can to fit in more.

    I took courses for communication in a health and social course and I was subconsciously hoping once I finish things would be different. However I was wrong nothing changed and I had nothing left in me to fight against society to fit in. So my brain looked back to find a purer comforter before society started to effect my life which happened to be nappys, pacifiers and bottles. Regression this is called in psychology and I think everyone here is regressing back and all thats needed to find that trigger that caused.

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    Well being an ABDL it is quite interesting. Seeing as diapers are not a man made thing a person connection to it seems odd, however can be simply explained by nurture. But a posibility could be; since the contact with the genitalia and the diaper are quite noticable and a human at such an early age could build an attachment to something that brings comfort and maybe pleasure, especially when their still trying to understand tye world going around the. That plus a good memory could reslut in an ABDL.

    Nevertheless, this is only ONE possible mechanism to trigger an ABDL.

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    Also, ironically you are fight the social norm by wear diapers ^.^

    But to sweat it about society, this huge rock we are on is equally as much yours as is anyone elses (or no ones) so be yourself. Being yourself is the best way in meeting people that are interested in your interests to. It also shows others that they should be themselfs too. Their are ALOT of benifits in being youself even if you stick out.

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    I think theres this moment, somewhere at a younger age then most would think, when we "lock" onto something. That then can develop into a fetish, or lifestyle, or not.

    I liked diapers from age 6. I wore one aged 6 (and got caught lol) and loved it.
    Nothing changed since then.

    So, as diapers are a man made thing, I see it as logical that some things stick more than others to people. Some like dicipline. Furries too. And all the crazy stuff as well - it makes sense that we lock onto something at some point, and that is then hardwired as "sexual turn on".

    As for regression, I do not know, as I do not regress myself. I talk purely from a sexual aspect.

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    Also you mean; I have been fighting society my whole life "so far". The fact there was more typing after the words "my whole life" means that there is still more life for you to live.

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    Well I have to say that I have been ABDL for longer than I realized at first. I thought it started as a result of all my time spent in hospital scared out of my mind. But in all actuality it started much earlier.

    Well for starters, I was a thumb sucker at a very young age. When I was under one my mom took my pacifier away. My two year old sister decide to teach me how to suck my thumb(or so I was told). So I was probly 6-8 before mom really tried to stop me sucking my thumb. Well wmy earliest memory of anything abdl is when I found my sisters binky(she was about three at this time and no longer used it) and I started to use it at night. I ened up loosing it after a little while. But I went straight to the thumb when it was not around. If you knew me at that age you would have always seen me with my thumb in my mouth.

    The next thing I remeber is having dreams about seeking and using my baby sisters diaper. I never connected these as a kid. Then one time I was watching an episode of Beverly Hillbillies and there was a sceen where a guy came out the psyhologists off in a totally baby outfit diaper and binky included. I remeber having the urger to do that but dismissed it as being weird.

    So years went by and I still sucked my thumb. I became ill and was in the hospital all the time. I was terrified to suck my thumb there and I was miserable at night. I could not sleep and just longed to suck something. When I got home from the hospital I still was freaked out by the germ that my thumb may have been carrying so I started to use pacifiers. And the story goes on but a few years later I became fully IC and so I decided to take my ab desires a little farther and began indulging in some of the things I longed for.

    Ok there is the how now is the why. I was not a popular Kid when I was little. I was the only one my age in our neighborhood and I was always told by the older kids to go away and play with the younger kids and by the younger I was told to go play with the older kids. So I would play alone. As I grew older my "friends" would often reject me and begin to hang out with other people. Often times my younger sisters. I was always being rejected. When time came that I was sick and in the hospital all i wanted was to be taken care of. I grew withdrawn and kept to myself(partially due to health issues). When my Boyfriend broke up with me because of my health issue I think that was the last straw. I felt so rejected and alone. I stopped trying to make friends and spent the majority of my time on the computer. My desire for being babied grew to the point of my acquiring baby items slowly. I had to keep all of it hidden. I knew noone would accept me. One other important thing that led to my ABDL side being discovered was the fact that I was the middle child. I was often lost in the shuffle. There would be times when we would all be at the dinner table and mom would serve everyone up and I often got missed. I was kinda over looked in everything.

    So that is My story.

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    I become a AB/DL when a was a kid (5 years) I remember my mom forced me to wear diapers because I complained about everything and cry too, and one night I was punishment with a diaper, the next day I felt that I depended of diapers. I think that's where it all started... I like diapers whit baby design and i love to see movie for kids and baby stuff (clothes, bottles, pacifiers etc.)

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    When I was 4 my mom let me use the rest of a bag of diapers she found when we moved. After then I have all ways wanted to wear diapers.

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    I've gone back multiple times — as I recall, I've worn diapers at night (reluctantly, I should add) until I was about six years old (but I'll have to check with my mom someday, to make sure). A few years later, I got my hands on some medical magazines we had around the house, which had ads for incontinence supplies (mainly boosters and diaper inserts). I even contemplated ordering some (I was 7 or 8 at the time). It all stayed with me, when a few years after that, my parents were babysitting my niece; they had a pack of diapers, so she could be changed. I took one, tried it on... and it pretty much rocked my world.

    Shortly thereafter (when I was 12), we went to visit my grandfather, who was hospitalised at the time. I saw one of his roommates getting up, walking to the toilet while grabbing his ass... and he was wearing a diaper! Somehow, I had always assumed diapers were made just for babies. After seeing a grown man wearing one, a world of possibilities opened up for me. I made make-shift diapers for the next 6 years, while thinking I was the only one on the planet who felt like this. Then, when I was 17, the wonders of the internet had me realise that I wasn't alone after all! A year after that, I bought my first pack of diapers.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.

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    psychologists call the mechanism that causes fetishes and sexual attractions a "lovemap," and as far as anyone can tell, it is cemented into your brain from a very early age. It is also incredibly complicated and involves countless variables. The answer will be different for every person, and most will never know why. I have learned to accept it and not really worry about the why, although I would be curious to know if I could. I don't really put too much faith in hypnotism, but that may be one way a person could get some kind of a clue as to the "why."

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    i rember 1 memory back when i was either 1 - 4. i dont know how but i do belive it was the start of my dl fetish. any ways the story goes like this i wake up i fiddle with my diaper accident take it off and put it back on and that is all i rember from that day forward i have always had a thing for wetting my self on purpose liked having a diaper like feeling between me and my clothes and would do basicly anything to do this

    i rember 1 night i was up and just flat out wet my self in my underwear i belive i was the age of 5 or 6 but ya that was a long time ago but from that memory i belive i have always had a drive toward my dl stuff.

    i just thought i would share that with you guys/gals

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