For some reason, I've been searching for the past few hours and days old theme songs of obscure TV shows I remember and I am certain no one else remembers such as Pinwheel- Pinwheel was a puppet and live-action show on the predecessor to Nickelodeon.

The BIG failure in this search has been trying to find the theme to Zoo Family, an Australian produced show that aired for one season and aired here in the US on Nickelodeon.

Another find of mine was Today's Special which was a Canadian show that ALSO aired on Nickelodeon in the 1980's that was set in a department store which had a mannequin named Jeff come to life at night when the customers were gone.

A while ago I found another obscurity of the 80s- The Great Space Coaster! It's amazing sometimes when you can't sleep and you find things you remember from your childhood.

Has anyone else done this as well? Used the internet to find obscure parts of their childhood as I have been doing?


No doubt later on I may be adding more to this list... LOL.