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    I'm fairly new. And I see refrences to "You Know Who" and then D with a bunch of astrics. Who is this person/site? I sound like such a n00b but I'm just curious. I get he had regression stories? Thanks.

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    I don't know why people put stars. It seems stupid to me. It's not like we write "H*tler", and he really has way more reason for it to be done to him. Like he wasn't a great guy, but it's an online handle that's meaningless. It's not like there's a curse on the name like Lord Moldyshorts.

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    Thanks. I did research...the guy does seem creepy.

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    Post research findings, by any chance? I know a little but not enough to understand why he's creepy.

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    Look on Wikipedia. It's all there. Just search Deeker.

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