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Thread: hello everyone Site good afternoon or good evening

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    Default hello everyone Site good afternoon or good evening

    here in my country is already night.

    I've met through the site of pesquisana intrenet aui in Brazil because not many diaper teen, and I'm embarrassed to talk to because some would think I'm weird or a friend of mine know that I like diapers and even my parents.

    I love anime movies, playing sports and fighting, and work a lot.

    I hope to meet and make friends to chat about diapers

    thank you very much

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    Thank you Ju123. Also don't worry soon you will be an adult and can wear whenever you want.

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    I don't recall any other members from Brazil on here (although I feel like we have a member from Chile), but we have members from all over the world here! It's exciting, actually, since having such a wide and diverse membership base brings so many excellent and new perspectives to the table for us.

    So what sorts of anime do you get into? You mentioned sports, too. I'm not the biggest sports fan on here, but there are some that love love love sports. If you're into the Olympics at all, find Near (he's easy to spot since he's one of the Safety Mods). I think he's the single biggest fan of the Olympics I've ever met.

    Anyways, welcome!

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    thanks for answering my post,

    what is your favorite pastime?

    - - - Updated - - -

    the anime that I like most is the zodiac knights.

    I have assitido naruto and fairy tail

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    I'm a pretty avid cyclist. I also enjoy old cars, tabletop RPGs, and classic videogames. My partner and I have a 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe, one of the biggest of the big American cars.

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