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Thread: Footless footie pajamas?

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    Default Footless footie pajamas?

    Hello all, long time no see,

    Anyone know where to get adult one piece, zip front fleece pjs without feet? Jumpin Jammerz used to seel them but don't. The only place I can find them is Snugabye, and I'm afraid they won't fit, being sized to a girl's body shape. Any ideas?


    Peace out and God bless.

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    Hey mate,

    only place I know to have those is in Poland, but they are very pricey (very good quality though). Unfortunately I don't know any cheaper options.


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    The "forever lazy" are footless footed pjs and you can get them at a lot of places

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    I bought a tiger "sleeper" last year from Primark that turned out to not have feet after all. I didn't even realize that at the time of purchase. So, somtimes, you're (un-)lucky.

    However, have you considered buying a footed PJ and simply cutting off the feet and fixing the "wound" with a few stiches so it looks like it never had feet to begin with? Maybe that's easier and cheaper than trying to find footless sleepers?


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    I have a sleeper without feet that I purchased via Bunnywarez. Yes, they are furry-themed, but regardless, they are beyond cute, very comfortable and extremely well-made. In fact, similar styled pajamas are very popular in Japan, I believe. Forget what they call them...hmmm...

    Anyway, I highly recommend ordering from them. I must warn you, though. Some will fight you tooth and nail on whether it's a sleeper at all, since it comes sans feet. As a result, I am forced to employ air-quotes upon discussing the article of clothing around him.

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    Try PajamaCity Footed Pajamas for Adults, Footie Pajamas, Adult Onesies I have footed from there but they also have detachable feet ones also. Their sizing is unisex also.

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    Onecho, I've always believed that all 1 piece outfits meant to be used as pajamas were known as "Sleepers" or "Blanket Sleepers" and footed sleepers are a subset of them. What isn't a sleeper is a union suit which isn't meant to be worn on its own as much as it's meant to be worn as a 1 piece underwear layer.

    I like bunnywarez, I'm not a furry but I've wanted one of their hoodies for a while, I just haven't gotten it yet. Also I believe that the Japanese pajamas you are talking about are called Kigurumi.

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    Thanks for the help, guys. What I neglected to mention are that I'm looking for are some more "discreet" pjs, ones that if my apartment-mates spot, I can pass of as long underwear or somesuch.

    Thanks again.

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    Hot Topic sells footless sleepers in the colder months for around $40 or so. I've heard some people say bad things about them, but I've had a hooded pair of their Nightmare Before Christmas ones for over a year and never had a complaint.

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    you could also try the all in one company or look for kigurumi instead. Same sort of idea, but intentionally baggy and usually in animal designs with either a button fron or zipper front. Me and my bf/ct love ours to bits

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