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    Just wondering, because I have never tried any Bambino products are the Bellissimo diapers really double the thickness of regular Bambinos or are they all the same? Ever since I saw them on youtube being put through a gallon torture test and holding all of the water I've wanted to try them.

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    They aren't doubly thick, but they are able to hold more and are slightly thicker then the other ones.

    When I wear them I just wear to bed, sleep in them unused and then it lasts from morning till 3-5 pm. Longer if I could actually stand it or cut down on my water intake.

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    I just wish I could find them in small...

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    Well they are adult diapers and made for adults. Mediums are kind s/m and they're large is more of a m/l. And Xl is a L/XL. And yeah they are better than teddies. In terms of absorbancy and I like that they kinda swell up. You wont be sad with your purchase. If you want a thicker diaper theee is dry 247. But that's more medical than babyish haha.

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    They're pretty awesome. They aren't significantly thicker than other diapers around that "level", but they swell up a LOT when they're wet, and they hold a ton.

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    They tend to rip in the butt area a lot. Just be careful with that.

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    I'd really like to try them. I've never got the opportunity though.

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    x2 they absorb amazingly and have minimal leaks. Thick when dry, alil thicker and wider than an m4. Once wet they swell up gigantic though!

    And I have also had troubles with rips in the ass end. Like it just tears open. Also the tapes suck, fasten once, after that forget it they will just pop if you move them!

    These problems are unexceptable BAMBINO for a diaper that is 2 dollars a pop. Hope your listening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hesDLImNot View Post
    They tend to rip in the butt area a lot. Just be careful with that.
    I've experienced that too. Glad I'm not the only one.
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