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Thread: Addicted to buying Diapers

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    Default Addicted to buying Diapers

    Well heres a new question for the DL crowd out there, and it's something that has recently come to mind. I love buying diapers, all sorts of them, I love exploring different brands and sizes, I absolutely love the thought of going to the store and buying diapers. Sometimes I feel like I can't stop. Am I the only one out there that cant stop buying diapers because I love them so much? Help me out ADISC

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    I have that problem lol. My closet is literally filled with diapers cause of that habit. I actually was going to order a case of bellisimos but I have no room -.- so yeah you aren't alone.

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    Haha! I have often thought about this. Everytime I purchase a new pack of diapers online I think I should buy more or stock up on others as well. Even though I've never had more than 60 of them on hand at once I think about segregating a closet just for diapers and stack them floor to ceiling!!

    I also enjoy trying out a new kind and hope to one day say that I've tried em' all!

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    I prefer buying my diapers in person than online. even though I do that as welll

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    Yep, I am exactly the same. Shopping for diaper and bedwetting related items has become my favourite thing about the fetish. I also like asking the sales staff about thing - like if they stock bedwetting alarms or other varieties of diapers that aren't on the shelf. Unfortunately I only wear about once a week and I have very limited room to hide diapers (and other items) so I only get to make purchases pretty rarely. I still enjoy and checking out new products though - any time I drive past a chemist I haven't been to before I check out what they have. Good fun!

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    Will get auto shipment of 44 diapers end of week and 48 more next week.

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    I am the same way. I have over 300 diapers now and I only order cases. AB Universe has made it so that you have to buy a ton of diapers the get the free shipping but I do not mind at all

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    i have in the past just got the urge to buy some, and then get a buzz after

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