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Thread: high school/ college fishing

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    Default high school/ college fishing

    is anyone here on a high school or college fishing team?

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    To be honest, I've never heard of such a thing, and I grew up along the Great Lakes (Lake Huron). Is this like an after-school club, or are there actual competitions or some such thing?

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    believe it or not there are actual tournaments. i think only illinois has it in highschool right now but i know almost every college has a team

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    The only competitive fishing I've ever done was more of an excuse to drink beer than a legitimate competition.

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    Not at all, and I live in Texas, with rednecks that like to fish.

    Sounds like fun though, I'd like to join a competitive fishing team.

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    it is alot of fun trust me. just gotta be into it

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    Plz tell me it's rod and reel fishing and not redneck fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by colendego View Post
    Plz tell me it's rod and reel fishing and not redneck fishing
    no its not redneck fishing lol
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    Thank god

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