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Thread: Hurricane isaac.

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    Default Hurricane isaac.

    Anyone else about to get hit by Isaac?

    While I usually don't get bothered over crap weather, I now have a wife, 5 dogs, live in a shitty trailer that isn't even anchored down, and live in south central Al.

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    I'm in south florida, and we're getting a little weather right now, but nothing significant (by florida standards).

    I wouldn't expect any major issues. Power might go out, and it'll make a mess sure. But it's pretty weak.

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    I hope yall don't get it to bad. Specially you magus. How long did it take for things to settle after katrina?

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    Default Hurricane isaac.

    Looks like this bullet is just wizzing past Fort Myers tonight

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    Hopefully it won't be too bad, most of the damage is probably going to come from flooding more so than the wind. I live in central Mississippi, so the hurricanes are usually much weaker once they blow through here(Katrina was an exception).

    Quote Originally Posted by gottibear View Post
    I hope yall don't get it to bad. Specially you magus. How long did it take for things to settle after katrina?
    Katrina was awful, even for the northernmost parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. I believe it was still classified as a category two or three, even though it was around six hundred miles inland. We didn't get an awful amount of damage, although there were two trees that fell in our yard. The only inconvenience was not having power for almost a week and a half(One tree ripped our meter box from the wall, lol).

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