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Thread: Those with cloth diaper experience…….

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    Default Those with cloth diaper experience…….

    I’ve been thinking about seriously getting into cloth diapers. Being from the disposable era, I’m leaning towards ether those all-in-one diapers with Velcro. I would like these diapers to last quite a while without the dryer destroying them. I’m thinking the Velcro may go on the diapers if I buy those, but although I like the shape of the contour Velcro diapers; I want the thickness of multiple pre-folds worn at once. Is there a happy medium in this somewhere?

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    Disclaimer: I don't have any AIOs, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonybaby View Post
    I want the thickness of multiple pre-folds worn at once. Is there a happy medium in this somewhere?
    My advice would be to shop for ease of care first (i.e., the ability to just toss the diaper in the dryer), then worry about bulk later. A thinner AIO will take a lot less time to dry (which means less wear to the diaper, too!), and will also be more discreet, in case you want to wear it under close-fitting clothes. Then, to get bulk, just place some tri-folded toddler or small adult prefolds inside. This is fairly common practice with all kinds of cloth diapers, and works/feels great. I use the XL toddler prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, as they're just about the largest "baby" prefolds out there, and they cost about $3 each. A number of the adult cloth diaper sellers also sell baby prefolds, however, so that's certainly the easiest way to go!

    Happy researching!

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    ^^^ Thinner AIOs (and thinner cloth diapers in general) will also be easier for a laundry machine to clean completely. Some of these stupid high-efficiency washers just don't do the same deep cleaning that the older ones do (it seems like having to run the machine twice to get the stuff inside fully cleaned instead of running it once is more wasteful, but I'll save the bulk of my editorializing for another post and thread), so having thinner diapers will help them to last longer. With cloth, (since you're thinking of AIOs) you could easily stick a few regular contour diapers underneath, and then just wrap the AIO on as the top layer, which would get you a bunch of thinner diapers that will launder more easily but can still be layered for thickness.

    I like I would check out their contour diapers and/or their "inserts" for use as base layers to add whatever thickness you like, then do whatever AIO you like for the top/outer layer.

    Happy shopping!

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