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Thread: Snoopy family members.

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    Default Snoopy family members.

    I have seemed to notice my family is being very snoopy lately and im worried they might find out about my DL interest. Everyone is our family plus me is 100% Japanese, we live in a huge house. My Grandparents, parents, uncle, and 12 brothers live there, any suggestions?

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    Well I can offer a bit of advice, if you keep your diapers in any kind of box or something (I use the box my Xbox 360 came in) you can sit something heavyish on top of it, and they'll be less willing to go through the trouble of moving the suff off to open the box. This is helpful to prevent family and houseguests from stumbling upon your stash but beware spring cleaning >.< .

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    Default Snoopy family members.

    You have no privacy until you get you own place to live. Alternatively, you could buy a safe to hide your things but then family members would be curious about what's inside your safe.

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    FIrst off ic could just be paranoia you're experiencing and not an actual increase of familiar snooping. But as for useful advise, you know your house better than us, is there anywhere out of the way were no one goes? like the attic maybe?

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