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Thread: ABDL and cats (random I know)

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    Default ABDL and cats (random I know)

    hay Ive been recently noticing a few videos on youtube of *b/dls with cats in the background so If you have a cat or like cats make your self known lol. I got a cat when I moved in to my new flat 6 months ago she is lovely :-)

    (dont have a clue where to put this so feel free to move it if deemed necessary)

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    I love cats! I have a calico-siamese named Jasper. She just recently turned ten and she's super cute, but we have to brush her teeth every night and then she gets irritated.

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    cats are cool

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    I've got a cat named Cosette (from Les Mis).

    She's pretty frikken awesome. She's also a great listener

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    I've had seven cats over the last 53 years, my last died several months back and I'm still greaving. In time I will allow myself to be adoped by a few more cats.

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    I have my cat Chessie (+1 goofy respect to those who can say where I got the name from).

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    I have a black cat named princess. Very cuddly!

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    I'm really, really, really, allergic to cats.

    I love cats so much, and I wish I could have one... But I would be nearly dying every day of my life, so I've decided it is probably an unwise decision.

    My family has had cats in the barn, strays that had children. So we kept them there for quite some time, I would visit all of them so much, and I miss them all even more (Since we gave them away).

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    This is how cat's treat their own kind.

    Now what makes you think they look up to humans more then their own kind?

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