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Thread: ABDL wiki?

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    Question ABDL wiki?


    Does anyone know of a good abdl wiki? I'd like to contribute some information. I know we used to have a wiki here but really not a fan of the whole articles system.


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    There used to be an ABDL wikipedia of some sort, but it was not that did not have all that much information.

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    Maybe is as close you will get.

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    I don't think an exclusively AB/DL wiki exists. There's a lot of good information out there, but no single end-all aggregate for it.

    You already seem to know this, but a long time ago, a former staff member constructed a really decent wiki, but we've since replaced it with the article system. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think wiki pages take technical skill to organize, whereas articles can be written by almost anybody, so I guess that's why we switched. I wanted to contribute to the wiki at one point, but remember deciding against it, because I didn't know how.

    The article system is nice for some things, but it seems too formal for a lot of topics where a brief wiki page would suffice. Plus, wiki content can be edited at will. That could be good or bad, depending.

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    Default ABDL wiki?

    Maybe it's just me then. I'm quite comfortable editing wikis as I use one for work. It's great for keeping documentation.

    Some wikis can be easier than others to edit. There is a bit of a learning curse but once you get the hang of it it's easy.

    It's a shame adisc didn't keep both around.

    I might well consider writing an article.

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    any one else want a ADBL wiki,whos willing to write content?
    also what address
    cause il buy a domain and setup mediawiki

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    Default ABDL wiki?

    I really like wikis (and I contribute to the main wiki and a more specialized wiki) but the reason it didn't work out here is that we just didn't have a critical mass of editors to maintain a decent wiki.

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    ah,wait can non mods post questions?
    if so can a mod post a question saying do you want a wiki

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    Quote Originally Posted by hailstorm View Post
    There is a bit of a learning curse...
    I know how you feel...

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