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Thread: Family.... and feeling grateful

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    For the first time since 2007 I saw a majority of my family this past week. My sister, a year and a half younger than myself was in town from Arizona with her husband and my nephews.... I also saw both of my other sisters, aunts, cousins and it felt great!

    Family, enjoy it while you have it! I know how difficult it can be with family sometimes. Especially mine. For five years, my parents lived in Philadelphia and then in 2010 they moved back home. My sister from Arizona does not come home often with hher family and GOD, it was GREAT to see my nephews and my niece all at once!

    Some advice in life.... family may come and go but enjoy them while you can EVEN if you dislike your most recent brother-in-law. I know this sounds like a blog but DAMN... I feel glad to see the family this past week. It makes me feel complete for the first time in a few years.


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    I know exactly what you mean. As life goes on and and we or family and friends move out of state it can be awhile before we get together again. As the years go we learn to appreciate those visits as never before.

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    Glad it was a good time.
    I came from a large family. Great grandmothers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, Sisters, Cousins, ect.
    The family has been spread all over the country.
    My wifes Grandmother started writing a letter and it is passed from one to the other. The way it works is you add your news to the bottom and pass it on to the next one. With all of the kids out there this letter takes almost three months to make the rounds. When you get it you remove your last entry and add a new one.
    With twitter facebook and everything else you would think this snale mail would end. But so far it has been making the rounds for 10 years.
    My one cousin has her kids write just for the practice. Writing letters is becoming a lost art.

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