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Thread: Explaning to others why we are littles?

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    Lightbulb Explaning to others why we are littles?

    I am having a hard time explaining to others why I am a baby. I know it is not the same for each person, but could any one help me construct an answer as to why I am a baby?
    Thank you.

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    They don't need to understand, nor will they ever. They can't understand because their interests are different. I guess you could say it gets rid of stress, but that is all they will understand. Just dont expect them to get you.

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    I agree with spaniel, heck, i don't even know why I am a baby, I wouldn't expect to explain to others why. I just know that Its always the life style that i have wanted to live.
    The main thing that they need to know is that it makes you happy. If they can accept that then your good, if not, then you have a problem on your hands.

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    That is One Million Dollar question since usually nobody knew why they like these things. I never knew myself why I'm into this world. But as long as makes me happy it's fine by me.

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    Simple... tell them you are just a big kid. Aren't we all a big kid? On my website I explain in simple terms for being an adult baby. This is how I explain it!

    Some people are adult babies for different reasons. Some had bad childhoods and never felt loved. Others use it as a means to cope with being incontinent, and some do it to escape the pressures of the real world.

    For whatever the reason is, the main reason is to feel secure, safe and care free.

    It is a portal to escape the troubles of the world for a while. Everyone has ways they escape the real world from reading books, playing video games, texting, surfing the web, watching TV or listening to music. With adult babies it is the same concept. They go into a world where they are a baby and feel secure. Just like when someone is watching TV and they get lost in that world.

    So as you can see, adult babies aren't hurting anyone and just want to feel safe, secure and care free when they regress to being a baby.

    To see this you can visit my page!

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    Well for starters don't tell them you're a baby because you aren't, you're an adult baby which is different. Sadly we can't help you unless you tell us why you think you are an adult baby? Is this sexual or just for comfort? Any memories from your childhood that you think could have contributed to your desires? You're right in that it is different for us all which is why only you can truly explain it to them in a way that conveys everything you want to say, explaining in a way that means they'll accept and truly understand is wishful thinking though.

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    For someone who is not an TB, AB, DL, etc. it will be very difficult for them to understand where you are coming from. I have been married 11 years (I got married young), and my wife knew I was a DL and AB before we got married. Over the years she still does not understand and somehow thought I would grow out of it. The feeling that she cannot love me completely has been devastating resulting in a rocky at best marriage. After so long I am trying to find a way out to be able to be who I am again, and it is not an easy task after being so entwined with someone that I do love. The point is they cannot feel what we feel so cannot understand even though they may try to. I do realize now that I am older how hard it must be. For me I think about growing up as a TB and wanting to be understood, but even though I respect everyone in our community I could not tell you that I understand what a babyfur feels. To me that is completely foreign, although they are cute and their needs are the same, I have never felt that. I hope you can find a way to explain what is in your heart and are truly accepted for it. I think that is the biggest challenge that many of us face. I wish I had the answer or could be more help.

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    Maybe I'd say that the stresses and responsibilities of adult life make me yearn to be young and innocent again... and able to express myself with whatever childlike emotions seem right without worrying about being judged according to "adult" standards of behaviour...? Or something...

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    Obviously, cut a few lines from this and use it to explain!


    In seriousness though, it does depend on what is for you. The way to explain it for someone who uses it to escape the stress of the world is going to be different then someone does it to bring back their childhood (or to er..I guess try to relive it in a non-sucky way?)

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