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Thread: Ted the teddy bear

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    Default Ted the teddy bear

    Just saw the movie Ted what was awsome but made me super jealous of not having a teddy bear myself. Not sure if i would want a giant teddy or a small teddy bear to snuggle with and where to get a big teddy bear besides a carnival anyways, any recommendations?

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    not really into that though i just want a ordinary teddy bear ya know. plus i would be to embarrassed to go.

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    OK well I have my bear Snuggles and I have had him for many years. he is a friend that can never be replaced, and it is always a great end to a bad day to snuggle with him. I got him at the local store around valentines day when they have all the bears with candy to buy and give to some one. I bought him at Rite aid pharmacy and no one thought anything about it. they just thought awww you are so nice to buy that for your girlfriend. hehehehe if they only new it was for me. and not to mention the M&M's were great.

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    that sounds like the perfect idea! hopfully they come with peanut butter M&M's, sooooo delicious!

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    The Disney Store has a bear named Duffy, not exactly like Ted, but like a Disney version almost. Go look on their website.

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    Toys R Us normally has a good selection of plushies/stuffed animals, you can order online too but if there's a store near buy it would likely be cheaper to just pick something up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teletubbies View Post
    build a bear workshop
    I second this.....Build a Bear is great! Just pretend you're buying it for a niece or nephew or cousin. Build a Bear is great because you can choose from so many bears and clothes and accessories! I remember when I was little and I had my favorite bear Alice and there was no Build a Bear here and I always dressed my her in too big baby clothes, always wishing there were clothes made just for bears. Now she has three outfits; complete with underwear and socks and shoes!

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    They were supposed to release a Ted teddy bear that said 'I love you". Just like in the movie, but I haven't checked anywhere for it. But then again I heard it on kevin and bean on kroq before the movie itself came out. I want to buy one but I already have a thunder buddy that I've had for a couple years :]

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    I have my bear, Oberon. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0740.jpg 
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ID:	13904 He's bigger than me! He was a gift from a friend, tho'....I don't think I would ordinarily buy myself such a big teddy bear. I do love him tho'....and he gets LOTS of hugs and cuddles from everyone who sees him, child or adult!! Everyone likes to play with him.

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