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Thread: The Lance Armstrong/USADA decision really irks me

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    Default The Lance Armstrong/USADA decision really irks me

    Lance Armstrong did not test positive for one drug test. Not one. Hearsay is not evidence. Evidence is evidence. Even if Lance did do it, there's no proof of it other than "I saw him do it." That's ridiculous. Try being a lawyer and building your case around that in court. I bet you'll lose a good majority of the time.

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    Agreed, Travis Tygart must stand to gain something from this witch hunt.

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    Even if Armstrong was doping, so were all the cyclists he raced against. The year Alberto Contador won, he made the public statement that all the cyclists were doping, this from the Tour de France winner. I think it's just sour grapes. The sad part of this story is that because one person does it, everyone else has to as well if they want to be competitive, and what does that say about our priorities. We've let children's games rule and in some cases, ruin our lives. I enjoy sports, and I've played them, but I'm becoming very disappointed in the win at any cost mentality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Even if Armstrong was doping, so were all the cyclists he raced against.
    Simple as this. All the big racers for the last 13-15 years have either been found out of doping/drug use or admitted to it years later. Of course Lance Armstrong never tested positive, and all the people testifying against him no longer have anything to gain asides stardom of saying Lance cheats. I suspect this is why Landis is such a fucking whiny bitch.

    Plus in all honesty if anyone were a guy who had his ball's removed from cancer, would you take performance enhancing drugs without knowing the long term side effects?

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    London 2012 Olympics: 60 per cent of athletes are using drugs, claims disgraced supplier | Mail Online

    neatly swept under the carpet during the limpy hicks, but it is well known that 'all' the competitive athletes and sporty types are artificially enhanced. it's one of those unwritten and mostly unspoken things where you have to be in the circle to know for sure.
    i've had a few schoolboys (under 16) asking my advice about steroids, if that's any indicator of the prevalence of enhancing drugs and of how a trainer would best administer them.

    at the end of the day, though, all sportsmen and women are just children playing games.
    and that's the sum of their worth.

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    So.... if he did it we should forgive him because everyone else does it ?

    7x Tour De France winner decides 'you know what, I'm not fighting these charges anymore... strip me of my wins... see if I care' is pretty suspicious. I mean, you take away his cycling career, what's left? A Cancer charity that only exists because of his cycling career?

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    7x Tour De France winner decides 'you know what, I'm not fighting these charges anymore... strip me of my wins... see if I care' is pretty suspicious. I mean, you take away his cycling career, what's left? A Cancer charity that only exists because of his cycling career?[/QUOTE]

    He was tired of fighting the accusations, these people had no evidence other than hearsay and were using it to say that he cheated to win. If he didn't test positive at the time then you shouldn't be allowed to overturn his wins due to no evidence saying that he had cheated but the USADA had already made up their mind regardless and were determined to strip him of his wins. Had he of fought this I imagine he'd have won easily but he would still have a black mark on his career because of the trial, yes it is suspicious but really it is just more sad than anything.

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    He already has a number of black marks from prior accusations, this isn't a black mark -- this is a death blow. I'm not saying he's guilty, but I don't think he's necessarily innocent either. If he'd fought the charges and won then those wins wouldn't be overturned & everyone would be talking about how people have tried to smear his good name. Instead, what he's done is essentially plead no contest. There's no coming back from this; it's a lifetime ban with all post 1998 records/wins/times purged from the books. It will also be seen to legitimise the charges against him.

    That's a hefty thing to just throw away with "I'm not fighting anymore". Maybe he's guilty, maybe he's innocent... but this isn't a smart play for an innocent man.

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    Lance is at an age where he's not going to compete at the top level anyway. There's no reason for him to spend millions in an everlasting battle with these twits. There's no double jeopardy rule in this thing, so they can keep coming at him forever.

    Regardless of how it was done, he was the best of the best for a long time after spitting in the eye of Death. That's good enough for me, no matter what some jealous ex-competitor or USADA bureaucrat says. He won 7 in a row, and I've got video on the shelf proving it.

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    To be upfront about it, I think Lance was a doping doper that doped for every race that he won. When Landis got caught and stripped of his win, his testosterone to epitestosterone ratios were 11:1. The whole affair, though, kinda revealed that the regs are basically written in such a way that basically say that one can dope to a certain level, and then anything past that will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Like I said, Landis' ratios were 11:1. The regs were 4:1, recently reduced from 6:1. A normal human will have, at most, 2:1. (please, don't ask me to source all that, as it's all bits that are lodged in my memory from the coverage at the time)

    Despite my feelings that Lance was a doping doper that doped with the rest of 'em and the best of 'em, I think he's getting hosed pretty hard here. The whole thing from the USADA reeks to high heaven of having an ulterior motive, and I think Lance makes a great point in questioning their jurisdiction over the matter anyway. The trouble is, though, is that this decision to drop the fight will forever raise doubts in peoples' minds (as if the rest of his team getting nailed for doping, his relationship with the best doping doctor in the game, the B samples that later turned up positive, et cetera weren't enough to raise doubt).

    Or, maybe they finally managed to follow one of the loose ends long enough to unravel the quilt. I mean, there have been all sorts of accusations and whatnot leveled against him, but there's always been just not quite enough to complete the puzzle. Maybe he knows his goose is cooked, so he's doing it this way to try and save face.

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