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    Hi all. Im a 35 year old bi male that lives in Brisbane Australia. I have been interested in nappies since i was 13/14 (may go back earlier but not sure) earliest memory of this is taking some washed blue plastic pants that my friends baby brother wore from their laundry. When i moved out of home i bought huggies junior (1991 plastic backed nappies with the rainbow sun and stars theme on the front). Was very confused about all this and didnt know what it meant to me, felt as though i was weird untill i found the net and then wow! A whole knew world opened up to me, and i finally realised i wasnt alone!!

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    Alone? Far from it dude!

    And if anything, ADISC takes away all the confusion and uncertainty So stick around for a bit, and you'll defo enjoy being a part of the forums.


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