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Thread: What do we want from our diaper?

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    Default What do we want from our diaper?

    i was thinking the other day, what is it that i want my diaper to be like, i have tried a few brands, from dry/goodnites, to adult pull ups, tena slips, cheap store brands, and more expensive ones like cuddlz. But with all of these i found problems, so i thought i would put a list of things i want on my diaper.

    I like the tena slip, because they are cheaper, and soft, so if they were made a little thicker, then that would be good.
    The tapes on diapers annoy me, on adult ones, there are always four small ones, i want 2 big on each side, with Velcro tabs to i can undo and redo them.
    Also i want wide sides on the diapers, i think they look better like that, when you see modern pampers, there are just thin strips, wide ones would spread the stress better.
    i find on some diapers, like the cuddlz, although they are thick, they do not shape for the leg well, it needs more of an hour glass shape for the crotch.
    Also, i want a good choice between cloth covered or not, and plain, or a print.

    the best i have seen, (but not tried yet), is the abu cushies, with the cloth cover, but i have herd bad things about them, and they are hard to get in the uk.

    The big problem i find is price, i am conservative with my diapers, i don't wear in the day, not every night, and i reuse if they are clean, and not broken. but i still find most too expensive, the best for price to me is the tena slip, because of the price, all the adult baby brands charge a premium.

    what i think they should do, is start with a slip, put on the better sides a others, and maybe some pull up elastic for fit, make them a little thicker, and maybe a cloth cover, for a more modern baby diaper feel.

    These are my idea, who agrees, and what other idea or thoughts are out there

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    Interesting story! Nicely detailed, good job.

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    Thank you, its been on my mind, what is it you want from from your diaper, or what brand do you settle for

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    I like to have thickness and crinklyness in diaper, but those two are hard to come by in an all in one diaper. My favorite diaper will have to be the ABU Cushies, the prints and the cinklyness does it for me.

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    Yea you pretty much nailed it. I like goodnites because there a pull up and have fun prints but baby diapers have better leak guards so I think they could make them better on goodnites.

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    I do not fit in baby diapers or Goodnights so for me it is an authentic looking baby diaper in an adult size. Of course ABU have made these in the form of the Cushies and I am so excited for the release of their girly/sissy diaper. Dream diaper for me is a diaper like dry 24/7 or Bambino Bellisssimo that is covered in pink sissy print and only has one tape.

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    Honestly right now my favorites are the Bambino Classicos. I'd want something that is thick and absorbent, strong refasten-able tapes, and high comfort. I recently tried cloth diapers and found that nothing can compare in softness with them. But bambinos fills just about all of my other criteria relatively well.

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    The best out there right now *is* bambino's, i'm dead serious. they are less thick then Abena M4's/x-plus and dry 24/7 but are just as good, and have prints.

    So unless you want stuff thinner then bambino's or some how radically different from then fine bambino's aren't the best. also for whoever ones only two tabs, one on each side. Well, your simply never going to get a good fit that way. After all, why do you think companies that design adult diapers have more then one tab per side? They aren't there for shits and giggles.

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    i know two tapes are not good enough, but if they make them wider, then you get the same amount of more strength than normal, and the same fit, and then they are like baby diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by norfolkrider View Post
    i know two tapes are not good enough, but if they make them wider, then you get the same amount of more strength than normal, and the same fit, and then they are like baby diapers
    They aren't ever going to be like baby diapers since they are designed to be as far apart from baby diapers as possible. they don't even advertise tape on diapers or even call them diapers, not even on the medical supply commercials they show on GSN.

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