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Thread: This may sound weird but..

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    Default This may sound weird but..

    Does anyone else enjoy the scent of a pampers thats been peed in? Something about the scent of the diaper with the pee that brings back a very babyish feeling haha.

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    Not an AB here, but I do remember the scent of the diapers when I was young *newborn*
    And The diapers from my past doesn't smell anything like the modern ones, which kinda sucks, as I can't find the right memento...

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    Well I never though I say it But yes I do It's smell good(I think). The mix of pampers scent, pee scent, baby powder scent. Yes it's kinda weird but god it smells good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BambinoPants View Post
    Now I know I'm not the only one!
    this ^^

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    Yeah, I feel the same way ^_^'

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    It make me wish I was on a changing table with the dirty diaper next to my head as I smell it. The babysitter then teasing me that I made a pee pee in my diaper and that she'd get me in a fresh one right away.

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    I like the smell now. But going back to my young days they were cloth and I don't remember. I was never around baby diaposeables.

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