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    I wear 24/7 but maintain control. So yesterday I was at the grocery store and needed to pee so I just went. Well I rarely ever leak so I wasn't worried. Suddenly I felt a few drops hit my legs down my pants. I looked down to see a few droplets appear on my pants. I immediately adjusted and the leak stopped. My pants looked like someone had dripped about 10 drops down them. I finished up shopping and while checking out the cashier asked "Did you want to go grab another milk? It looks like this one leaked." (she had assumed that the milk had made the wet marks down my pant leg) I turned bright red and nodded. She put the carton in a plastic bag and had her bag boy go grab another milk for me. Scary at the time, but quite funny when I got home.

    The previous time I can remember leaking was also at a grocery store ( a couple years ago) but this time it was raining hard outside so I felt okay that people wouldn't care if they saw a wet spot on my pants.

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    I had that happen to me a while back. I was in the check out line and all I had was a pad on. I let it go and luckily no leaks. I peed again on the way

    home and needed a pad change when I got there.

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    thats no fun

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    Lol, Embarrassing moment for sure, good thing she didn't "get it"

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    Happenned to me too. Same place.

    I wear hitech pants that repel water and I could feel the leak dripping in my pant leg. It was unotisable from the outside. But it was very unconfortable to walk in. I was not there for long so it was not that bad.

    My diapers rarely leaks. I think it's all the walking I did that made it leak. I kinda wet a little when walking sometime.

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