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Thread: What's the best choice for Skiing?

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    Default What's the best choice for Skiing?

    I've been thinking Skiing is probably one of the best ways to wear diapers out in public is it? My question is what's a good diaper for the activity?

    My hope is that i can help others too!

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    None of them. Its cold out. When you wet in them, the cold will go through the snow/ski pants and begin to affect the pee in the diaper. Its just science. You would have to carry a backpack with you (or keep it in the lodge in a locker) and go change every couple times you peed. If the people your with dont know you wear, they will wonder why your needing to stop all the time. Its a fun idea, and a neat concept of wearing, but not at all practical.
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    Never got cold on me when I was snowboarding with them, In fact it actually got pretty warm. If you wear proper clothing while skiing then you should be fine but you would be better off holding some spares for changing down in a locker, car, or lodge depending where you are on the mountain and if your visiting or lodging there. Anyway, thats just my input from experience.

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    i have to agree with secretlyme i have never had an issue while i skii padded as long as you dont have too long of a lift ride than your fine even if you do have like a 10 or 15 minute ride as soon as you get on the slopes your bod\y temperature raises.

    also if your diaper were to get freezing cold than you really so have the wrong gear and you need to go out and get better equipment i ride helly so it tends to almost get too hot in my pants plus on cold days i like to wear sweats under my skii pants and whats great is if you have baggy gear no one will ever notice that you had a diaper on underneath plus on top of all the other advantages is that if you have to pee its way easier to take 7 seconds to just go right on the spot than haveing to stop in the trees and keep your buddies waiting for 5 minutes just so you can go pee.

    also all in all i think this is a great way to wear i honestly dont see any issue with this plan i have done this on many occasions as i am an avid skiier as long as you wear the right diaper you should be just fine you wont have to change nearly as much as anyone would think,so to answer your question from experience i think the best diapers are bambinos. the classico and the belissimo are the most comfortable diapers i have worn skiing hopefully all this has given you a good base on were to get started the winter is coming so get ready to get padded and head out on the slopes and have some fun

    oh p.s. on top of the whole idea that the diaper will get to could or freeze even there are young children that skii to with there parents and i never heard of any complaints of this sort from them so yeah :-p

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    I have a lot of experience with skiing with a diaper on. I cant count the number of days I have spent on the mountain while padded and it is usually an enjoyable experience. the diaper is always warm and comfy before wetting it and usually stays warm after. only on really cold days have I hade a problem with a cold bottom. but even then it is a cold suprise when I sit down on the lift and goes away when i stand up and the diaper saggs (thats with a cheaper diaper). I think wearing a onesie to keep the diaper more snug against my body could help keep the heat in. I havent tried it yet since I have only recently purchases a couple of onesise. I started off wearing cheap store brand diapers and they would get cold after getting wet and I would take it off at lunch. leaving me without a diaper for the rest of the day, good thing I wore boxers over them. the fact that they were so thin means the pee would move to the back side after the slightest of wetting and get cols fast. a good thick diaper solves that problem

    last season I started wearing abena m4 or dry 24/7 and that is my favorite. no one can tell im wearing such a thick diaper under my snow pants. One problem that can happen is the pulp bunching up a bit in the back between the legs on a bumpy day. its only noticeable to me because im the one who can feel it. speaking of snow pants, if you hapen to leak a little bit no one will notice because your pants are waterproof and moisture is absorbed into the many layers of long johns and anything else.

    When I go skiing I will wear the same diaper all day 10-12 hours. but I dont wet it in the morning on the drive up... I use a toilet and wait until later to actually wet my diaper. I prefer that to bringing a spare because I am always in a car with at least one friend or my dad and dont want to worry about them looking for something and coming across a spare diaper. the best part of wearing a diaper when skiing is the ability to use it when I get stuck in traffic on the drive home. that has taken hours before, once I was stuck in the car with a friend who had to pee for a really bad for a long time, while I was happy to pee in my diaper with no worries. This has happened a couple of times and he has asked before how I have an iron bladder and why I never need to use the bathroom when he is desperate. I tell him that I dont drink as much water.

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    If you wear warm clothes the diaper will keep warm too since the pee is warm..
    Its kinda logical

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    I would think to some extent though that the problems outlined in the thread about hiking diapered would apply here too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPpants View Post
    I would think to some extent though that the problems outlined in the thread about hiking diapered would apply here too.
    You'd be surprised. The argument against hiking with a diaper on is that your legs are constantly rubbing against it, as when you're walking. For the majority of the time that you're skiing, your legs aren't rubbing against it, and snowboarders have both legs strapped to the board, so there is zero movement between the knees and waist (which is where most of the chafing would occur).

    Quote Originally Posted by WaffleTear View Post
    I've been thinking Skiing is probably one of the best ways to wear diapers out in public is it? My question is what's a good diaper for the activity?

    My hope is that i can help others too!
    You're going to want something thick, because you're not going to want to change very often; I'd recommend a dry 24/7, bambino, etc. something that can handle multiple wettings without ANY leaking. It shouldn't be a problem, seeing as you're going to be standing upright or sitting 99% of the time.

    p.s. You can definitely wear a backpack; a lot of people do. It's immensely handy for the holding of various objects, and a small one won't affect your balance at all. If you absolutely do NOT want to wear a backpack, bring a bag and put it in one of the lockers that ski lodges always have. (it's never more than $1 per use)
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    You're probably going to layer up, so go with something thick. That way, you don't have to change it very often. I'd use a Dry 24/7 with a stuffer pad. It'll hold and obscene amount of liquid.

    Have fun waddling!

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    Most of the time I went skiing, I was in think overnight diapers. Because you spend some time sitting in chairlift, you need a diaper that can handle a lot without leaking under pressure.

    Tena Super was the brand I used most.

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