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Thread: For those who have been pregnant: oddest food craving.

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    Default For those who have been pregnant: oddest food craving.

    I am curious about the ladies who have been pregnant and what their wierdest, oddest, craziest food cravings may have been. I have been told that they range from whacky to outright frivelous.

    While the subject is up maybe it doensn't have to be food cravings, maybe some other odd craving. If you are a guy but have seen this in person you would have an insight as well.

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    When I was pregnant* I had a craving for banana milkshakes. Problematic seeing as I'm dairy-intolerant and soya-milk wasn't widely available back then. And it had to be real bananas whizzed up in the blender, the artifical flavoured ones wouldn't do.

    I later discovered that bananas are rich in folic acid, which is essential for healthy pregnancy. Most women take supplements; I was told I didn't need them. So I guess this craving was my body telling me what I needed to be healthy.

    *Being a transsexual man, I am living proof of the saying that if men could get pregnant they would only ever have one. I vowed I would NEVER do it again, and I never did.

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    Amazing! I am wow'd by what you must have been through. Yep, our bodies/brains do tell us in not so subtle ways what we are lacking. For instance if we are low on Potassium we can get irregular heartbeats or muscle cramping or weakness. It's amazing how complex the human body is in it's need for amino acids, minerals, or hormones.

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