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    So sadly I am a caregiver without a little, but although I find myself in the parental role, I often wonder what its like on the other side of the fence. Maybe its just the natural switch in me, but I'm just curious is all. Do any other caregivers get these feelings? I absolutely love taking care of littles, but I'm always up for a lil exploring.

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    Ya sometimes. I haven't been a caregiver for too long but sometimes it is fun to switch things up a little bit. I like to experiment with new things in general.

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    In my experience (which isn't much) caregivers are in short supply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesTheFox88 View Post
    In my experience (which isn't much) caregivers are in short supply.
    Thats true across most any community with sub/dom roles sexual or not there always are more subs or little's in this case

    I wonder what that says about the human race.

    Back to the OP yeah a lot of caregivers are switch especially in this community

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    Just to toss in my own opinion, I'm a caregiver (Daddy) and I have about zero interest in switching and being a baby. I have a mild fascination with diapers and do wear occasionally, but the fascination is only with the diapers, and I don't feel particularly attached to any other baby items like bottles or pacifiers. So pretty much my entire AB/DL involvement is invested in my Little Girl and wanting to care for her and make her happy in being a baby.

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