My wife and I, when we first got together, used to live with her aunt so we could help with bills and stuff around the house. This went on for a few months.

At some point, she took the liberties to pillage through our stuff without us knowing about it.

I think she was just looking for dirty clothes, but anyways, I noticed that my panties with the snaps up the front had been washed and were sitting on the washing machine. They were in the same bag as my diapers.

After talking it over with my wife, I decided the best course of action was to tell her I noticed and that the diapers were for bed wetting. This was not a big deal as she is kinda old, has IC issues herself, and was really understanding.

The problem is that we had a falling out after she tried to screw me and my wife over on money.

Months later (today) she ran into my mother in law and had a chat with her. She told her that I wore diapers and that she found dirty diapers that were mine. From what my wife has told me, Her mom called said aunt a liar or something.

Still though, I can't help but to wonder as she used to stay with us during the week sometimes to save gas traveling to work. I used to wear around her under my pants or coveralls and don't think she noticed due to her lack of attention to detail, but still, I wonder if my mother in law told my wife that so it won't make things awkward.

Before we even moved out though, the aunts 30 something year old crackhead son, also rummaged through our stuff and found a strap-on dildo among other sex toys. He told my mother in law while she was visiting one day. She told my wife and my wife claimed it was cause I wasn't hung well.

I wonder if she really is onto me though. Months earlier, she was telling me about her sister in law's messed up house and told me about this room she had full of used, wet diapers. She was wondering why someone who isn't IC would have and use diapers. I told her that I saw a talk show once that had someone on it with a fetish for wearing them and pretending to be a toddler.

I don't think she is very perceptive in these kinds of situations.

I could live with my family knowing because it would only affect me. However, for my wife's family, I couldn't deal with things getting awkward for her. Plus, her family is mostly some serious christian fanatic types. The kind you only find down south in the bible belt. I can already feel the awkward moments and new reasons to facepalm.