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    Has anyone from here actually paid and read any of the material from I was thinking of checking out Colin Milton to see what he has to offer, but I can't help to think why would I pay for themes that have been done to death for free?

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    Exactly! Sorry, I guess I should have been a bit more specific lol. I also have a Kindle Fire and I’m looking for a good regression story to read. I enjoy mental regression, but actual (obviously magical) regression to an infant is always the best.

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    Some of our members enjoyed "There's a Baby In My Bed". I buy real novels to my Nook Book like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "Hunger Games". Regression stories are going to be just that, and I've never known one to win a Pulitzer Prize.

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    I purchased a story on there called kidnappied. It's a regression story about a male loner (maybe late teens early twenties to the best of my memories) by two women. It was't a bad story if I remember correctly. I just don't feel it was worth what I paid for it. If anyone is interested I have it on kindle and would love to share it since you can share them legally.

    I rarely read stories like that anymore. Most of the time nowadays I read scifi military stuff (mainly warhammer).
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    If you really want to pay for stories I would recommend stories from

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwho View Post
    If you really want to pay for stories I would recommend stories from
    Seconded! I met Zorro at CAPCon here in Chicago where he did a live storytime with some of his work and it was pretty awesome for all the little ones around. Besides that, I've read portions of dozens of his stories he posts as samples in his own group on Fetlife and on his own personal blog. They're pretty damn amazing

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    I'll have to check Zorro out Thanks y'all!

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