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Thread: That Goodnites smell?

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    Default That Goodnites smell?

    Am I the only one who thinks Goodnites have a really weird smell when you pee in them? It almost seems like diapers don't do a very good job of covering up the urine? I also almost get a rash immediately when I'm only wearing goodnites, and I don't have this problem with any other diaper. Can anyone explain this?

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    goodnites aren't exactly high-end diapers... lower-quality products can cause problems for some.
    if you're having trouble with rashes, try using powder/cream and make sure to keep clean down there.

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    It doesn't cover up the urine for a long time but the smell isn't weird when you pee in them to me

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    Perhaps you may have an allergy to the material, I suggest using hypoallergenic baby powder next time to see what happens. But I do know what you mean by the smell, it gets pretty bad after a while. :|

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    Their design is to protect the bed from occasional accidents rather than be a quality incontinence product. Since the latest trend has been to get them to be more like normal underwear with extra padding I think the newer designs are focusing on that rather than skin care.

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    Yes, they smell...

    You can test it very easily.. Pick one. Fill it with water to the max and smell... There is a strange smell... Also after 4. Days to took me a while to get it out of my room :S

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    Call me strange, but i always smell mine after i wet them...i like it :-)
    .....except after a day lol!

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    Yea they smell weird to me too, even before they've been wet, actually. Just something about the material, I guess...

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    I actually quite like the smell of them wet or not. They're definitely not the traditional diaper smell though I will agree.

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