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Thread: Guitar lessons

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    Default Guitar lessons

    Can someone help point me into the right direction?
    I don't know where to start playing guitar.
    I've been playing on and off for 3 years. I play for a short while and don't get back to playing for a while.
    I am good with chords but I only know the first 3 to 4 frets after that I am clueless.
    I can play smoke on the water,heart of gold,wish you were here, cat scratch fever,cocaine, and mess around with some other stuff. I AM NO EXPERT BELIEVE ME. I don't want to learn notes I prefer tabs (easier than notes). I want to play by ear like my dad but that's hard. What are other easy to play songs?

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    Well always some of the things to do are learn some basic scales (major, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor) and chord progressions. ( I - IV - V - I, I - IV - ii - V, the infamous I - V - vi - IV, and their minor variants) Also if you want to learn things by ear I have a solution, give up tabs. Tabs can be neat and a fast way to learn things, but if you want to do ear training they'll only continue to hold you back. Some basic music theory can be really handy as well, doesn't mean you have to know all the terms and rules, but knowing the basics does let you know some guidelines to work with and where you can have some wiggle room. One of the biggest things is don't get lazy and cut corners, it'll show later and you down.
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    Here's a website that offers free ear training: Good Ear - Online Ear Training Site

    That's all I can really give you, as I am a bassist and I don't do chords. Just keep at it and remember to take time to have fun once in a while as well.

    Oh, and Google is an amazing resource. There's a whole bunch of free programs for you to use out there to learn various guitar skills.

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    I've been playing music (Bass, guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards, sequencing, trombone) for 10+ years. I took four classes during year one where I learnt metal/rock songs and after that I learned on my own. There's no easy way to sharpen your ear other than play, play, play. After a while, you'll see that you can predict where to go to next without really thinking about it. Practice, practice and practice. Learn a song that you like until you can play it with your eyes closed.

    Playing original songs with a band is what got me really good as you learn to master music that you wrote. Playing bass in bands is what got be to develop my skills since we jammed often and whether or not I felt comfortable with the songs, I had to learn them.

    Also, play a bunch of different styles of music, since it gets you outside of your comfort zone. I started off by playing punk and metal, but also learned country and americana songs. Like I said, I never had any formal training, but now I'm quite proud of my skills.

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    Like, play, play.

    I took some lessons back in the day...say the 80's....

    But I just liked playing...I learned piano after learning 6string and it really helped with the progressions and how music theory works...

    But lately I've been going back to some basics on the bass...witch is what I like...and playing funk r&b and well the Minneapolis sound...

    I used to be better with my ear but lost some hearing from an accident a couple of years ag and some foot, leg, spine I'm trying to get the grove back.

    Some of my friends are verrrrry accomplished musicians and just jamming with them is better than tons of lessons...

    Ive been in the music scene on and off over the last 20 years...played for empty houses through overflowing venues...

    After everything...just jammin out for me at least brings my skill back or up a notch every time...

    I still play guitar...and bass...and keys...but can't stand too long so that is an issue I'm working on too...

    But if you like playing...and I assume you'll get an ear for it sooner or later...

    It's weird..when I'm on my game...I don't even look like I'm doing sound man stopped by one day unannounced and came in the theater and said what's ya doing listening to Coldplay...then he mutted the board and it wasn't coming through was me and a band I work with a lot...funk group...just having fun...

    So even professional musicians like to get out of thier zone to learn something different...and then take that information and bring it to thier music style and step it up a notch on thier own work. boil down this long rambling...

    My advice is find some people that you can get along with and jam out...try new things...mix it way over your one but you and your jam partners will ever hear it so don't worry about things...experiment...above all have fun!

    That's my two cents...

    Another big piece of advice...Don't buy a cheap up for a nice guitar...

    Cheap guitars do not play as easily or sound as nice as a good guitar.

    I'm mostly a fender head...mostly custom guitars...but I have really nice Japanese tele that is awesome and it was only like a 900... So there are exceptions...

    But spend some time at a good guitar shop and play everything there...don't even look at the price and see what feels nice and sounds nice...then find the money to buy it...

    Once you buy that nice guitar you'll have it for a very long time...

    I still have my custom charvelle electric/acoustic and play it quite often...

    Buy my mainstays are my fender p bass and jazz...

    Oh and amps...don't skimp out...but line6 is nice and reasonably priced...

    Usually for my guitars we run a bunch of stomps then into a di and run through the pa...

    Anyhow, I see your 21...your young and should pick up easily on playing by ear...

    Btw: of all the musicians that have been to my place over the last decade...including national acts...

    Only a handful can really read and play off written music...more so on if you can play off least for rock, country, funk, r&b, hip hop, etc...your good to go...

    I'm really surprised at how many keyboard players can't even read sheet music...I had to learn that in like grade school for piano and keep it up for jazz band later in school...

    Well it's 3am and I haven't played a note of music here or held a guitar in like 2 days...and last week I just put new strings on all the bass guitars and bought a new tuner...had two the last time I needed one...but just couldn't find them...thier not where they are supposed to I'm suspecting my gf or our 8yo has them somewhere...

    Anyhow keep playing...
    Also if you want any info or just a question ... Pm me.


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    Well I recommend practicing scales and chords in tablature form for now. And be consistent since "on and off" never helps when trying to learn an instrument, it only makes things that much harder.

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    How you should practice and what sort of teacher you should look for depend rather critically on what sort of music you're going to be playing.

    However, some general, all-purpose advice:

    1) Avoid guitar tabs like the plague, except where absolutely necessary. If you can transcribe something by ear, do so. Ear training is just as important as (if not more than) technique if you want to be a competent musician. If you don't understand what you're playing, you'll find it very hard to learn to play new things, and you'll be unable to improvise or write at all.

    2) Practice slowly. Technique is important. Make sure you're playing as cleanly as possible with as little movement as possible. If you can't play something slowly, you can't play it quickly - speeding up a passage before you're truly ready to do so is a great way to become a sloppy player and will hurt you in the long run.

    3) Practice a lot. A half-hour per day should be considered the bare minimum if you truly want to learn an instrument, and ideally you should aim for more than an hour (how much more depends on your schedule and your love for the instrument).

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    Allot of good info has been given...for me, I would use my piano-keyboard, and set up an auto-accompaniment...where it would cycle (the usual) 3-chords, with percussion, and 'fill-ins' (you can also do this with music on your PC/LT...if you can slow down the music, with-out loosing the pitch)...then find notes that correspond, or harmonize with what you are hearing.

    Take the chords you do know...from any song, and change them up...roll, slide, attenuate...strum, pluck, pick...change the order...

    Recognize the patterns (visual, and audio)...

    Find the same note, such as a "C", on every if you go from 'big-E' down {Standard tuning}
    E: 8th-Fret
    a: 3rd-Fret
    d: 10th-Fret (I believe Piano middle-C)
    g: 5th-Fret (I believe Piano middle-C)
    b: 1st-Fret (I believe Piano middle-C)
    e: 8th-Fret

    Now make 3-note chords, from all those C's
    Also try alternate tunings...

    If you're like needs to be fun, or inspiring... so, if you are too tired, or in a bad mood...don't make it a 'chore'...

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    Default Guitar lessons

    Well, at least you have the money frets down.

    Most of the common chords are there.

    Try searching YouTube, you'll find so many guitar lessons.

    Also, look for the CAGED system. I hear it's effective.


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    I was inspired by Slash to play guitar. I was told before that many great musicians(like Slash)can't read music. I am good with all the MAJOR chords and that's it for now. What would anyone say is the best learning from a book, the internet (which the internet you have to pay for), or personal one on one lessons?

    If I had my own band I would play the music that I and the band would wanna play not what the people want to hear. I am making this a point because there's a lot of bands in my area that play ONLY OLDIES there seems to be no bands that cover hair metal. I would have a cover band playing 80's and 90's hair metal. Hair metal is NOT scream o!!!It is bands like GNR Van Halen Winger ECT

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