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Thread: Remakes vs. The Original

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    Default Remakes vs. The Original

    With all the remakes of movies that have been done lately & more due out soon, how do you think they stack up against the originals? Did you think they were better or worse that what the original had to offer? What movie do you hope is never touched & remade?

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    Usually they do not seem to as good as the original.
    Psycho was the only remake I seen they did nearly 100% as the original, just different actors.
    Still was not as good as the original.

    Star Wars is one I hope they do not redo.
    Tho I originally heard George Lucas was going to do ep 7-9 but I heard rumors he is going to make special editions of ep 1-3.

    You also made me think of old movies they put in theaters again but they add "3D" to them when the original first time was not in it.
    I think there just milking more out of older movies that way too.

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    I hated the King Kong remake. I wish I could think of one I like.

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    There are some amazing remakes out there, like Brian De Palma's Scarface... Or The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon!
    With that said, I usually denounce remakes. Why? Look at Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The charm and talent of Gene Wilder in the original movie had such a huge amount of depth that a remake was certainly not necessary. Surely the remake's special effects are impressive, but it just isn't the same.

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    I think the main one that comes to mind is Christopher Nolan's Insomnia, while I haven't seen the original film, his remake of the material at least holds up and manages to be a good enough film. The main issue that always seems to crop up is the motivation of the remake. If something is being remade it really should be for the reasoning of, they enjoyed whatever the original source material was on some level, but have some different ideas on how things could have went or expressed things differently. The reality though is remakes are appearing more and more because of brand recognition printing money, so with less than interesting origins comes less than interesting material. Then again, maybe there's just too much truth in Sturgeon's Law, or perhaps the number wasn't quite high enough.

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    One of my favorite movies of all-time- The Longest Yard got a remake a few years ago starring Adam Sandler and unlike the first one, the Adam Sandler version was a comedy and believe it or not, I actually liked it! Most remakes I can't stomach that well but for some reason I did like the remake as well as I did the original.

    Another favorite of mine from my childhood- Red Dawn got a remake this year that was delayed by MGM's legal issues plus MGM was nervous about having the Chinese as the invaders so they redid parts of the movie. I saw the Piranha remake recently and I preferred the original where they attacked the water park.

    I only hope they don't remake MASH, MASH is one of my all time favorite movies and a movie that took me several viewings to get over how different the movie was from the TV show.


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    Remakes bug me. Sometimes they do well, sometimes they don't. What really bugs me about them is that they're using pre-existing concepts instead of introducing a new idea into the public's veiw. Everybody knows about King Kong already, but you could write something really cool and original instead.

    Viewers and production companies are getting lazy. There are plenty of screenwriters out there with plenty of amazing ideas, they just need to be produced and let out into the world.

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    I loved the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory remake, Johnny Depp actually portrayed Wonka like he is in the book and despite having watched the original loads as a kid I now hate it because of how poor I find it compared to the remake. I hope the Total Recall remake is good because it certainly looks good from the ad and although not technically a remake I do love Christopher Nolan's Batman reboot. Obviously there are some bad ones (can't think of any right now) but that happens when you pick the wrong people or just the wrong film to do.

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    I was going to say that remakes are artistically and intellectually lazy..... but then I thought, what about Shakespeare? Or any stage production for that matter?

    That said, most remakes fail, like War of the Worlds or Day the Earth Stood Still. True Grit came close to equalling the original, but there's no way to improve on John Wayne.

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    mostly hate because, as Maxx said, they're intellectually lazy - or more that they're just trying to profit from others' creativity.
    the latest, is The Munsters. a long, sad list of remakes, there; and the new one looks set to continue in that vein. for starters, it should be in black and white. that's not just cos of the make-up and costumery, but because that symbolically highlights the black and white of predjudice that's also a many shades of grey.
    and no doubt the new one will rely heavily on computer animation rather than acting or scripting talent.

    the A-Team film was just garbage. didn't they bother to consult viewers/fans at all? while the series may have been a vehicle for it's 'stars', The Vehicle (B.A.'s van) was THE STAR of the series and the vehicle for the whole series. but, where was it in the film???
    even now, youngsters who've never seen the series refer to The A-Team Van.

    and sticking with the theme of television-to-film, but offering a more positive view, i much like The Brady Bunch series of 'remake' films.
    as a wise man once said, "That's the way to do it!"
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