I went to the same CVS I bought my sleep comforts at (feel more comfortable there cuz there's hardly anyone there throughout the whole day). I wanted to buy some Goodnites (L/XL) cuz they have design on them & wanted a more colorful diaper than a plain one.

Went into the store not nervous but as soon as I was walking to the diaper aisle I got nervous as if it was just like my first time buying, but the outcome was that the clerk didn't care (again) & I got pretty diapers.

Now that I have sleep comforts & goodnites I can compare the two...sleep comforts are way more comfortable than goodnites (the first time I tried to stretch goodnites it ripped )..SC have a softer waist band & you can strech them alot more than goodnites..also goodnites are a little bit smaller than goodnites which a bit of a problem for me cuz I have to stretch them anyways