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Thread: ABU all in one cloth velcro diapers

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    ok so i just purchased a few of the all in one cloth velcro diapers, and now i am very curious as to the best way that others have for washing them. I have a friend that has them and says that even after he washes them there is still a lil smell and that they are not fully white. so if anyone can help out that would be awesome!

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    Use the longest wash cycle your washer provides. Often times, this will be called "soil level" on the washer. In that case, choose "heavy," or else whatever the maximum is.

    The fact that you can't wash these in hot water or dry them in a dryer is a fairly serious problem, in my opinion. Hot water does a much better job of dissolving the nastiness and killing bacteria, and using a dryer not only dries diapers faster (obviously), it also keeps the fabric from getting stiff.

    PVC is used as a cover material on these diapers because it crinkles, but it's also the cause of all of the restrictions above, and this is the reason PVC is not used much in non-ABDL diapers. If you find you like the feel of these but can do without the PVC crinkle, you'll probably get more use out of an AIO with a PUL cover, or else out of a fitted diaper with a separate cover. When cloth diapers are easy and quick to care for, you'll obviously get a lot more use out of them!
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