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Thread: Jobs working with kids?

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    Default Jobs working with kids?

    Do any of you have jobs where you often work with children?If so, do you ever worry about what itd do to your career if word about your AB/DL side got around? Because people might think it was related to pedophillia or something, I mean.

    ADISC maybe isn't the best forum to ask this, since a lot ofthe members themselves will be too young to have that kind of concern, but oh well...

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    Well I'm going for my early childhood education and elementary education degrees. My AB life is so private that only my aunt knows and she would never tell anyone. So I don't worry about my two lives mixing together and if they were to, I would quit my AB side right away.

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    I work around kids, not with. I do tech support at an elementary. I worry a bit, espessially in the possibility that I could possibly end up in a relationship with a teacher that is single, nothing yet though. But if I needed to tell her, oh boy that scares me. Otherwise, I feel safe enough that it hasn't stopped me from wearing to work on occasion, but still Farley cautious that it bugs me every so often. Mostly though I don't say much to the kids, so nobody really could accuse me of seduction or something absurd.

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    For comparison, has anyone heard of any stories where there was a big media hubbub because like a preschool teacher went to BDSM fetish clubs? Or something?

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    Can't say I have heard of it, nor do I think you would hear of any stories on it. Likely the media would miss the whole fetish thing and say they were perverted pedo's or something. Probably generalize it into something that gets people's attention more than an obscure fetish.

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    I worked at summer camp for a few years and in daycare during the summer... Actually, nothing has actually triggered my *BDL side.
    I've never worn around kids because it's a pretty active job and it should be hard to hide or explain if anything happens (kids aren't that comprehensive). So, usually, it's when I work with kids dealing (sometimes) with bedwetting and/or "accident", that I am the farthest from my abdlness...

    And, more than that, working, even when it's with kids, is work. So, it shouldn't mix with your personal life.

    So, basically, it has never troubled me.

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    I think its fine to work around kids :p unless you are actually a pedo or actively practice your fetish as a lifestyle kids dont need to be introduced to fetishes.

    But honestly its much like a guy i knew who was a furry and a vet, just cause hes a furry he's not going to rape animals.
    ...well probably not to much :p

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    The adult baby lady that went on The Secret Life of Women used to work with kids. Then the show aired and she had to change careers.

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    I just got a job as a preschool teacher and I'm sure that if someone found out about the AB/DL side of me it would be pretty bad. I'd say 99% of teachers, especially those in early childhood education would automatically assume I'm a pedophile. But work and my AB side never cross. I can be surrounded by kids and diapers all day and not even think about my little side once.

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    My brother is a DL (partly AB sometimes but not 100%) and he's working in a daycare with the toddlers (between 18 months to 30 months) I know for a fact that if any of his relations found out about that he would be in deep troubles, he's working also as a babysitter for a couple of parents there, but I know for a fact that like everyone here that he's the safest caregiver for kids they could have found. I would have followed that route but here in Canada working with kids for a men especially in daycare isn't considered normal and most people would think that a men wanting to work there is probably a pedophile, I'm not sure if its the same thing elsewhere in the world but my brother had a very hard time finding work when he got his diploma, but now that he has more than 8 yrs of experience and a load of recommendation letters, it help a lot, but a few places said they would accept him but the parents wouldn't want to send their kids there if there was a men working...

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