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    I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search, and didn't find the answer to this particular question. Most of what I came across was about the sizing of Bambinos.

    This is a bit of an odd post, but I'm a naturally curious person. I couldn't find the answer to what I was looking for on the Bambino website.

    I have some of the "Teddy" Bambinos, and the "Classico" Bambinos. I've worn them ever-so-often for about a year now. I just had a couple of them in the bathroom when I was changing, and noticed a difference in the absorbent material on the inside.

    I ended up taking out several to see if this was the case in all of them, or just a few of them.

    When I first noticed this difference in the padding, I thought it was extra padding. But then when I held the diaper up to a light, I realized it was actually a lack of pading that was causing the design I was seeing.

    If you have some Bambinos, and aren't sure what I'm talking about; just take one, and look at it while it's between you and a light source.

    I was just curious to know if anyone knows why the padding is made in this way.

    For those wondering what I'm talking about, if you look at a Bambino, near the crotch area, in the middle of the diaper, there is a lack of padding running in a line to the back of the diaper. When it gets to the back of the diaper, it opens up into a circular area, with less padding.

    On the Classico diaper, the line running to the back and circular area, are much larger than the line and circular area on the Teddy.

    I'm just curious, if this is for an absorbancy reason. Like I said, I'd never noticed it really before, and was just curious as to what it was actually for. There might not be a reason for it, and it's just the way that the material is placed in the diaper.

    Maybe it's to provide room for male "members" when the diaper begins to fill.

    Like I said, this was an unusual post.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    It's for absorbency. When u pee it will cause the flow to follow the line through the diaper and spread the absorption throughout the diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawaiii View Post
    It's for absorbency. When u pee it will cause the flow to follow the line through the diaper and spread the absorption throughout the diaper.
    Ahh, thanks.
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    To add to what Kawaiii said: this is also the "channel" (or whatever you/they/whoever call it) that some diaper manufacturers refer to in their diapers. There is intentionally less padding there so urine soaking into the diaper has a place to go. Simply having lots of padding with no "channel" would make for somewhat decreased wicking performance.

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