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Thread: Diapers as Souvenir

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    Default Diapers as Souvenir

    In the interest of developing a mentally healthy way of integrating diapers into my life, without letting diapers take over my life, I explore this concept of "diapers as souvenir". I think this applies more to people who enjoy the safety, security, regression aspects of diaper wearing, and not so much the sexual attraction to them.

    Years ago I took a vacation to the French island of Martinique. It was fabulous; I want to go back some day. Like a typical tourist, I bought a souvenir, a small box containing an assortment of locally grown spices. What a perfect souvenir. In my mind, those spices "smelled" like Martinique. I kept them for years, and any time I smelled them, it brought back that experience with great emotional clarity. However, it was obvious to me "what" was brining me joy - not the spices themselves - but the memory of that wonderful vacation.

    I apply this concept to my own joy of wearing diapers. The texture, the sound, and smell of diapers (with baby powder added) awakens those feelings from my past life very strongly. Unfortunately, it is too easy to begin to take pleasure in the "thing" itself, and not the memory it evokes. This is the point where diapers begin to take on an unhealthy dimension, when you become obsessed with them alone.

    I'm sure that, to the citizens of Martinique, there was nothing special about those spices. In fact, they may find it funny how much money we Americans pay for ordinary "weeds" that grow everywhere. Likewise, if you have ever experienced being around young children in diapers, it may surprise you that they hardly notice or care about them. I diaper is just an article of clothing, nothing special. I must believe that before I was potty trained, diapers meant almost nothing to me either.

    The main thing I notice about "actual" children, is their enthusiasm for life. Their drive to explore and play and move nonstop. They are energized because life is so exciting for them. They hit the ground running every morning (no need for coffee and a shower to wake up), and go full speed until they collapse at nap time then again at night. THIS is what I want to be again - the feelings and energy that I yearn for. I want to be that Super Energized Toddler bursting with energy. Diapers are my souvenir for THAT.

    I hope this is helpful to someone.

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    I think this posting is brilliant. It conveys how I feel about diapers in my life now besides the use of them to relax and not worry about wetting the bed at night. This is partly why I love for my wife to put them on me. Thank you for the post.

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    My God MyWorld. You're a writer! This is very well said and a beautiful sentiment, not to mention the insight. Well done. As I'm sure you're aware of, one of the biggest stimuli or keys to memory is the sense of smell. The baby smell of a diaper takes on a whole other dimension when talking about souvenirs, because souvenirs are the key to memories, and memories are the building blocks of nostalgia. Nostalgia then becomes the foundation to our past lived lives, and all that's meaningful, friendship, love, and homel

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    Interesting, never thought of it that way before.

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    Thank you everyone for the positive reception. When I think of diaper wearing in this way, it feels more genuine, more honest. I don't feel like I am pretending to be someone I am not. I don't try to act like an actual baby or toddler, but rather to remember what it felt like. It's that inner feeling that I seek, not some pretend physical reality. Put another way, I don't role play with myself. Rather, I am able to experience my past early childhood AS an adult wearing a diaper. I hope any of this makes sense.

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    Great thread -- that's a very poetic way of putting things. I also see diapers as being iconic of simpler, easier, happier times when I was much younger. Maybe that's why I've never really tried to resist the occasional urge to get padded and haven't had the "binge/purge cycles" that others speak of... Interesting... It probably feels less "weird" and more "logical" to think, "this object reminds me of being little" than "I have an inexplicable compulsion to wear medical aids for no medical reason"... Maybe...

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    Alas, if I only had more memories of times in diapers. My memories of such times are few and far between. It doesn't help that I'm not really a sentimental person either. But this your post is quite astonishing in that it causes me to recall those hazy memories with a fondness I so rarely display.

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    Most of us who were potty trained at the typical age don't have memories of being in diapers, but I'm convinced those memories are there, buried deep in our subconscious. When we wear a diaper, even those the memories don't emerge, the stimuli of them does, some subconscious connection. The memory is hidden in our past, but it's there in the shadows.

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    Diapers are literally souvenirs for me. Whenever I go to a country I haven't visited before, I always stop in at the local stores/pharmacies and see what diapers they have. I've probably come across six or eight foreign brands that most DLs have never ever hear of, some of them surprisingly good.
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    Dogboy - I think have hit on something. I believe we have memories spanning our entire life! The problem is those early years are pre-verbal pre-temporal, meaning we did not do much if any of our thinking in language, and had no formal understanding of time. Thus our memories would not be organized in a way we are familiar with. To use a computer analogy, if you delete the directory files in your operating system, your computer has no way of accessing your data even though those files still exist. It's a bunch of meaningless 1's and 0's unless you have a formal way of organizing them.

    I believe our memories from those early years are more like "evoked feelings" - not just emotion, but emotion directed at something. Baby powder smell, for example, clearly triggers those early memories in me, even if I don't specifically remember running around the house in a diaper.

    Astra - awesome! What a unique way of remembering the countries that you have been to.

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