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Thread: It's kind of embarrassing- sexual addiction

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    Default It's kind of embarrassing- sexual addiction

    Well, I think I might be sexually addicted to this whole stuff. I don't know for sure but it creeps me out.

    Here is the deal- where I'm busy it almost never even crosses my mind, But when I have some free time, and recently I have too much of it, It's the only thing I can think of. I've tried my best to occupy myself at home. I bought a jigsaw puzzle, I bought books, I've tried to cook and clean the house, watch some TV, find new TV programs, but it had only partial success. Yes, I had things to do, but I was always thinking when I'll be free to pleasure myself.
    So I decided to get a job; although it was only 3 hours job it helped me but when I was back at home... Now the job is over and it's the same as before.

    I know, I should get a job. I ned it anyway, but what about the time when I'll be at home, not working. I really don't know how to take it, and it's really bothers me. finally I feel OK with who I'm and now this thing?

    Well, I don't really know what I want to gain from posting it, I guess I want to know what you think I can do with it, if anyone ever has/had this problem and how he/she handles/handled it. And maybe I'm looking for empathy as well .

    It's just that I really want to be a regular guy, and don't really feel like one right now.

    I'm sorry for my broken english, it's not my native language.

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    Default It's kind of embarrassing- sexual addiction

    Do you wear diapers? If not, you should think about starting, and if you do, you should wear more often. This may stop the thoughts.

    If you cant access diapers, try masturbating. It may work in the same way.

    I'm speaking from experience here because if I go a week or two without masturbating, diapers will enter my thoughts more regularly. That's one of the main reason I masturbate (excepting the obvious): I don't often get the opportunity to wear diapers, and it stops them from distracting me. Every other night, or third night is enough usually. It also goes some way to Kiev the desires.

    P.S. Your English is good.

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    You could be going through a binge period.

    Like Supersam said, just wear diapers or masturbate to appease your sexual desires a bit.

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    It is amazing how we all go through the same feelings as diaper lovers. I am the same way. Even being married I think about diapers all the time. Currently I am in Afghanistan and have not been able to wear one for over a month. My diapers will soon be on the way here but until then my thoughts will be consumed with humping my wee wee off in a diaper. I agree that masturbating helps to relieve your tension and calms your thoughts of diapers. I usually only make my gooies in a diaper even when I am home with my wife. What you describe is the classic binge effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post

    P.S. Your English is good.
    Why, thank you. I try working on it everyday to make it better .

    Anyway, I don't have an access for diapers. I don't have my own room and will not have one in the upcoming year.
    Yes, I masturbate and than calms down, but it lasting for about 2-3 hours and I really don't want my life to be depend in my sexual wills. I think thjis happens because I have too much time to think about these things, but... thid id not supposed to be like that.
    In addition, it really bothers me that my only way to get aroused is this ABDL stuff. I mean, I can get stimulated by the regular ways, but for the last year I didn't. when I get this feeling, I'm turning immediately to the story section here in ADISC- I know I can have the same pleasure in the old fashioned way, but it's like I can't control myself and end in the same place.
    It really scares me and make me feel like I don't have any control over my sexual wills, and make me feel pretty freak, beacuse let's face it- we're not the common definition of normal and being addicted to this ABDL stuff (I'm not sure if I'm, I really hope I'm not) don't make me feel more normal.
    I don't know, I guess I don't have problems anymore with me being AB/DL, but i really don't want it to dictate my life.

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    Default It's kind of embarrassing- sexual addiction

    Hmm... Is there any particular reason why you don't have access to diapers, or is it a logistical issue (i.e. hiding, getting them into the house et cetera)? Or is it monetary? If it is logistical or monetary, could you get something small like a paci, that you can easily hide in a room and on your person, they're also cheap as chips.

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    I do have a paci but the problem is I don't have my own room. We moved to a smaller house for a year and I usually don't have an access to my paci not to mention diapers.
    Anyway, the paci is less sexual and more comforting thing for me. It's both sexual and emotional for me and the babyish stuff are on the emotional side. It's the humiliation which makes me aroused, but when the story is about acceptance and tenderness, I find it very soothing and comforting.
    I thought wearing diapers might help me since I never did it and it's a quite decent part of my life, but I guess I'll have to wait for the right time.
    As for cheap- nothing is cheap in Israel. A pack of 2 pacis costs here 12 bucks. This is pretty expensive hobby here in Israel .

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    Default It's kind of embarrassing- sexual addiction

    Quote Originally Posted by BooblyBoo View Post
    As for cheap- nothing is cheap in Israel. A pack of 2 pacis costs here 12 bucks. This is pretty expensive hobby here in Israel .
    :O..... That's [equivalent to] double what I would pay for a pack of two.... I could buy a bottle and a pack of pacis for less...

    More on topic.... I can't really see a solution for you :/. Other than taking up a hobby or two to fill all of your time so you are too busy to think about it, but that's not a particularly practical solution... Sorry :/

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    Well, I'll have to find a solution. I don't think this is a healthy way to live and really looking for a practical way to solve it. Maybe I'm taking it too hard; are there any other people who have the same "problem"? If there are, how do you see It blend in your life? And the most important question for the ones who involve in a relationship- do you think it has a negative influence on your common life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BooblyBoo View Post
    And the most important question for the ones who involve in a relationship- do you think it has a negative influence on your common life?
    The relationship one is a hard question, if your lucky you can find someone within the community or accepting to various levels. At the same time you cant necessarily expect someone to willing participate in something they don't have a desire for. In short it depends how much you care for the person and how much you are both willing to compromise, its a case to case basis thing.

    Personally mine doesn't have a negative impact on my life. If i find it does i change that behavior whether giving it up for periods of time or practicing more, at one stage when i had several issues in my life and i felt this was a negative contribution i saw a Mental health specialist and psychologist about it (and other things) and that helped me work though it a lot.

    One way of looking at is if its causing problems in your life break down the issues.
    1. Work out exactly in what way is it causing a problem.
    2. Work out why this is a problem .
    3. Plan out methods or ways or seek help is solving to problem
    4. Change the said behaviors or problems in w/e manner
    5. ??????
    6. Profit


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