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Thread: Does Any Other Sissies On Here Wear Maxi-pads?

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    Default Does Any Other Sissies On Here Wear Maxi-pads?

    I am curious if anyone else wears maxi-pads on a consistant basis? I wore maxi-pads everyday for about a year before I came to work in Afghanistan. My wife is sending me some maxi-pads so I will be wearing them everyday again. I do not have the courage to buy them at the PX although I am normally not embarrassed about the fact I am a sissy. Usually I buy maxi-pads with a smile. The maxi-pads here are not big enough anyway. For me, the bigger the better. I perfer either Always Overnights or Tena Overnights. My wife always tells me that she knows I am wearing a maxi-pad because of the bulge in my crotch and when I bend over you can see the outline of my maxi-pad on my bum bums. Please share your maxi-pad stories.

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    I 've worn maxi's for several yrs. Still wear mostly in the mornings when I do most of my pooing. Also will wear when I go to the dr. I like the

    Poise Hourglass for fit. They hold quite a bit of pee if i control the flow.

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    I've worn them a hand full of times just experimenting around, but I don't think I could fit a full wetting into a maxi pad xP Just doesn't seem like it would hold that much. I thought about maybe getting some more as I was told that using a maxi pad might help me fit my man goods into panties better. I guess it makes sense, seeing as how it would create more width in the crotch area.

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    I have. Omg first time I done it though was some of the most embarrassing $%^& ever. Was a young teen got one of my moms pads and put it on before bed. Woke up the next morning and forgot all about it. Went to bathroom in whitie tighties. My brother was sitting next to my mom as I passed by and asked what the bulk in my undies was. I thought I was going to die lol.

    By the way, how did your wife react to you wearing pads? I'm not so much into crossdressing but wearing panties and lingerie is something I like to do.

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    I have as experimentation but I haven't worn in a while, I just lost interest in them.

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    I had a sexual interest in maxi pads before my diaper fetish was born, I think or I may have done both at the same time. I did borrow them in my family when I was a teen and I can't pinpoint how my fetish completely started and what was first done, but I think it was a part of the development and kicked the door down to pave way to my 'diaper lover' sexual attraction and a part of my fantasies to this day.

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    So is it possible that there is a connection between dl and pads? I know many out there would probably be disgusted at the thought so I trying not to generalize that "all" have it.
    Maybe they are like a "gateway drug" in a sense for some.

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    LOL, you beat me to this question. Yes I will admit that I wear either Always, Kotex, or Stayfree with or without wings almost on a daily basis mainly by personal choice but also for a few other reasons such as eliminating bulge when crossdressing, and to absorb sweat when exercising, such as running, walking, or lifting.
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    i think pads were the gateway for me, i lived in a house of all woman, in my teens i would take them occationally. dont know how to explain it... but deffinitly let to diapers. i still get turned on by them, especially when the wife wears them. bigger the better.

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    Wow a lot of good responses. I know for me maxi-pads at first were a substitute for wearing diapers at work or when I could not be in a diaper. Of course maxi-pads do not belong in men's briefs so I bought pastel colored full cut nylon panties. As they became a normal part of my everyday life I started to feel more sissy like. Instead of just visiting the incontinence supply section at the store I would also visit the feminine hygiene section as well. I started to buy feminine deodarant spray and wash. I had always been a sissy when dressed as a baby but now I was living as a sissy everyday underneath my manly appearence.

    - - - Updated - - -

    As for my wife accepting that I wear maxi-pads and panties everyday it was difficult. I started this when she was a pregnant and she was embarrassed because one of her girlfriends saw all of MY maxi-pad wrappers in the bathroom trash and was concerned that she was spotting. She did not tell her girlfriend that they were mine as far as I know. She eventually told me that I had to stop my sissy lifestyle or she would leave me. So the maxi-pads stayed in their wrappers for a few months. I soon realized that I wanted to live as a sissy and started wearing them again. It upset her and she even told her Aunt about my diaper usage and maxi-pad wearing. Her Aunt already knew I wore diapers as her son saw a picture of me in a diaper on my personal computer and told her about it. We decided to go to counceling and work through it. I made the choice that I was not going to stop being a sissy. Wearing panties, maxi-pads, and panties made me happy, so that is what I did. After months of back and forth arguements she decided to accept her husband as a sissy. I do not hide it from her. If she is in the bathroom with me I will put a maxi-pad in my panties right in front of her and she is fine with it now. Sometimes she will pick out my panties to wear and she evens rubs my wee wee through my maxi-pad at times. We have come a long way.
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