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Thread: do you skate?

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    I'm a longboarder. When I was younger I skated a lot and about 4 years ago go into longboarding and haven't looked back! I do a lot of distance stuff really, and skate about 8 miles a day to and from work. Currently I've got a Demonseed Deelite that I ride every where at the moment, which has unfortunatly been discontinued. I have a regular demonseed which is just a bit heavier than my deelite, and a loaded fathom, which was a prototype I managed to get a hold of that never took off.

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    Another longboarder here... I love just going out for little cruises on my board in a park I have behind my place, longboarding has always been one of the most chill things you can do to get from point A to point B. It's a kind of bliss non-boarders just can't understand I think... And bombing hills is a rush in it's own regard. You look cool, and you feel damn cool doing it. Longboards gain momentum really well, so it is easy to get to very respectable speeds bombing hills. I am still working on my Coleman Slides though.

    I voted "skater" as well since I occasionally like to take my short-board out to see what I can do. I can't say I'm all that great at tricks though since the best I can usually pull off is a heel-flip. There is just something satisfying about being able to do tricks like that. I need to work on my grinds more.

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    I never got into it. I'm tall and pretty clumsy so it's pretty difficult for me to learn. I wish I had though!

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    well im a skater (i skate vert/bowls and pools) My current setup is a Element Fiber light,speed demon trucks,bones redz bearing and local shop wheels.i like to bomb hills with my board but i get speed wobbles more oftan then not... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by bam6465 View Post
    well im a skater (i skate vert/bowls and pools) My current setup is a Element Fiber light,speed demon trucks,bones redz bearing and local shop wheels.i like to bomb hills with my board but i get speed wobbles more oftan then not... :/
    Aye, the dreaded speed wobbles... Have you tried tightening your trucks, and putting more weight on the front of the board? (Your back foot should be about in the middle of the board)

    Getting used to looser trucks when bombing pays off big time, but if you are just starting to bomb something bigger than you are used to, tighter trucks will help a lot... Even just tightening the rear truck will help substantially since speed wobbles usually come from the back of the board.

    Also learn to tuck, the tuck is a very useful ability and is very stable if done correctly.

    And, if you are serious about getting good, wear protective gear. Seriously. You will fall, there is no doubt about it.

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    well i live in Tucson,AZ and there isnt much TO bomb here besides a couple hills downtown and in parking garages and i just do it for the adrenalin rush

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    I bought a skateboard five years ago, but have never actually taken the time to learn to ride it. I want to do it, but I don't want to put forth the effort. One of these days I'll just have to suck it up and go for it.

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    well better to learn it sooner then helps to be young it hurts less.but try it and tho only thing i have to say to you is to stop being lazy and just go do it...its really fun to ride and you feel good when you accomplish something like riding a skateboard or learning how to ollie and other stuff involved in skating

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    Halfpipe skater here. While I was better and had ALOT more time to do it when I was younger, I still enjoy carving around an empty skate park or a drainage canal. The days of the halfpipe are nearly gone. When I was a teen there used to be half a dozen large halfpipes within a few miles from my house.

    My biggest claim to fame was the day I got to skate with Tony Hawk. A friend and I snuck into a backyard where there was a halfpipe ( it was as easy as walking through a row of Oleanders ) with the intention to sneak a few runs until discovered and asked to leave. A car pulled up and a guy joined us on the ramp. I remember watching him pull some amazing tricks and when I realized it was Hawk I was beside myself. My friend was frozen. We decided to skate back home and get a camera. When we arrived back there were some other pro's there including Kevin Staab and Reese Simpson and I took every last picture in that camera and still have them to look at today. I found out that they were there brushing up before the Big Surf competition the next day.

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