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    I am so sick of stress making me make an ass of myself. Earlier this morning I yelled at my fiance/lil bro for something that wasn't fully his fault, hell it wasn't that big of a deal anyways. We have worked it out since, but it still hurts me that I took it that far. I love him so much, and something so little made me so mad. Usually I can hold it in pretty well, and have been getting better at it the longer we live together, but sometimes it just takes something small to set me off, never too bad, but bad enough to make my fiance sad, and that makes me feel terrible.
    To make this into a forum post, how many of you have had stress make you lose your control and be mean to someone you love?
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    I have done that to my wife many times, but it is a two way street. Usually when we haven't had sex in a while. Stress is a contributor to my anger, and while no where near the biggest, it has caused me to lash out at my wife like a cornered animal. Then comes that: Wow I should not have done that,,,, God I'm such and asshole,,, Why did I do that,,,, I hope she don't leave, ect...
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    I've been married just over 3 years, and have a a little on on the way. MY wife and I have only had 3 arguments......that's right, only 3 in three years. How is that possible?
    1) Communication. My wife and I have a very open and active line of communication between us. We hold nothing back and can talk through anything. The key to this is to realize that if it is something one of us has done that upset the other, we don't bottle it up, we talk about it and resolve it. My wife and I never verbally attack each other in an argument. We identify the topic of the argument and discuss it. Anything else is pointless and does nothing to resolve the issue that spawned the argument.
    2) When we have argued we never called names or brought other business into the argument. All that does is cloud over the whole reason you began arguing in the first place. Then you all end up doing is just staying mad.
    3) When the argument is over, the issue is resolved,,,,,it's over. We never throw past arguments at each other.
    4) NEVER bottle up your emotions. always talk about what you feel if your upset. If you're not good at it,,,just keep trying and you will be surprised at how good you get at expressing yourself to your partner.
    5) If you or your partnet need to walk away for a time to cool down before talking,,,,let them have their space. Don't hound them. And if you are the one needing to leave,,,leave gently. Don't go storming away and slamming doors.

    I don't mean to sound like I live by a bunch of rules. But these simple guidelines have worked SUPER WELL for me and my wife.

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    Hard physical exercise is a good way to deal with stress, anger, and attitude problems. I can recall more than one time when a former boss (a very good one IMHO, who had his own anger management issues to deal with) adjourned a meeting with "Oh, sorry, isn't it time you went for your lunch time run?" One of those times, I set a personal best for 5 miles. All by myself with noone to pace me or push me. Yes, I told him and gave him the credit. God knows we butted heads and had our share of shouting matches, but he "got it".

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    Whenever I get really stressed out I just bottle it up and don't talk to anybody. It's the only way I can get by without being mean to other people. I'll let it go later somehow. Usually just lying in bed with my headphones and right music.

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    For me, it does not matter if I bottle it up or if i ride the lightning. If I ride it out and let it all vent, it eventually just refills the bottle. I don't know if its just me but I will talk to my wife about my anger and let the emotions flow. Sometimes I even cry, and for a little while I feel "not angry" and depleted. Then it's back to square one not to long after venting. Maybe I just need to find a closer pin point to the source of it? Or is that how venting works for others aswell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottibear View Post
    For me, it does not matter if I bottle it up or if i ride the lightning. Then it's back to square one not to long after venting.
    If after venting and getting everything out, you go back to being mad again; I wonder if some other issue might be the true culprit to your underlying anger? Maybe I'm different, but when I get something off my chest, I don't go back to being angry again.

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    Sometimes I fear it seems to come from an endless reservoir. On the upside, it has done some good for me at times.
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