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    Hello! Iím a student who is heading off to college this fall, and Iím happy to finally stop lurking around and introduce myself! Iím definitely an introvert, and social situations tend to give me a bit of anxiety, so Iím happy to see that most people here seem kind and helpful.

    Some of my interests include playing the ocarina and piano (beginner in both), playing WoW, listening to classical/orchestrated music, anything related to The Legend of Zelda, and anything related to J.R.R. Tolkien (I recently finished the Silmarillion, which, as anyone who has read it knows, requires quite a lot of dedicated effort!)

    Academically, Iím interested in physics, astronomy, mathematics, and oddly enough, linguistics. In college Iím taking Latin just for fun, and Iíve delved into Tolkienís ďQuenyaĒ (high elven) for fun as well. In fact, ďRamaloceĒ means ďfire-dragonĒ in Quenya (though I removed the accents for convenience). Itís a very beautiful and interesting language, to say the least.

    Finally, as you probably guessed, I enjoy wearing diapers. The urge started in my preteen years, and has been going strong ever since. Like many, Iíve had a difficult time obtaining and hiding them, but itís been well worth it!
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    Hello! Welcome to the site, been meaning to say hi for a bit (kept getting sidetracked). There was a poll on the Jung test awhile go (I think its in a forum you have to be an EC to see), and majority of respondents here were introverts so you should be in good company at least =p. Just avoid some of the hot button issues as kind and nice can kind of go out the window when you start getting to beliefs and stuff. Though that is about everywhere, but otherwise yes we are usually kind and helpful as long as you follow the rules (which isn't hard to do).

    Are you mostly a fan of just WoW and Legend of Zelda games, or do you tend to like RPGs/MMOs in general?

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    Thanks for the response! In reference to what you said about "hot button" issues, I've learned to stay far, far away from those types of discussions (or yelling matches, more like). They don't usually go anywhere but downhill. :P Though WoW and Zelda are my favorites, I am also interested in RPGs and MMOs in a more general sense, and I'd like to experiment with other games if I ever find the time.

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    How dare you insult my hot topics!!! Okay, just kidding. I too am a fan of role playing games having gone through all the levels of all the old Diablos, and I'm a big fan of Tolkien, but you're right, Silmarillian was my back breaker. I'm ashamed to say that I did not read it to the end. I did have a friend who did what you did, and learned the elfin language. It's kind of cool, and at one time I wanted to do it as well. Anyway, welcome to the site.

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    I think we usually avoid the yelling stage, and stick to the kind of pissed off debating (I think) =p. But yeah, they usually go downhill, some faster then others. Ahh I tend to like RPGs but haven;t gotten into too many MMOs as of late. Most of them seem to require knowing at least one person to make the game interesting and not a snoozefest (had that happen with WoW before).

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