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Thread: My boyfriend wants to see my room

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    Default My boyfriend wants to see my room

    We have been together for about 3 months, and he recently has told me he really wants to see what my room looks like (since I told him about some of my vintage item collections I own). My room is small and upstairs in my house (that I share with other people), so until now he has just been downstairs. We usually just spend time together out and about or at his house.

    I tried telling him that it was a very cramped area up there, and that I could easily just bring down what he wanted to see, but he is insistent on going into my room.

    There is simply no hiding my kid stuff. It is everywhere. Nearly everything I own is a toy or children's room decor.

    He has really given me no hints either way as to what he'd think of such a thing, and he wants to see my room within the next few days. How should I break this to him, what he's going to see? I didn't think I'd have to do this so fast.

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    Better to find out now than 6 months from now...

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    Well I see no harm in showing him your room really. You are still very young and a lot of young girls tend to still have the toys they had growing up (you can use that excuse if you are worried) however if he really truly loves you, it will not matter to him at all.. in fact all girls rooms should be girly.. you see it in movies a lot too.

    Can you post a picture of your room please? Maybe then I can get a better image in my head of your room.

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    Here's a few of what my room looks like. It's kind of messy right now (I am going to clean it before morning).

    I do want to be honest with him, as I know I'll have to eventually, as to why I have the stuff I do. I guess I just feel stressed that I suddenly have to squeeze it into a conversation within a day or so.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Speaking as a guy, we are not all that observant. Actually, we're quite dense. Besides, we have this stereotypical idea that it's okay for girls to hang on to their "little girl" side. They can get away with it and we can't. So I think you're safe. It will give him a chance to get to know the real you, at least a part of you, and maybe now is the time. You could warn him that it's messy, or something like that and divert his attention toward that and away from the "little" stuff.

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    Take him up there and show him. Do you want to spend the rest of your life hiding that side of you from him? Its much easier now than later.

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    I 100% agree with what dogboy just said, guy's are dense and we do hold to stereotypes, I honestly don't think anything will go wrong if you act naturally. Although I agree that most guys are not very observant, still given the fact that you've already expressed you don't want him going into your room it's plausible that he might be on the lookout for the reason why (subcutaneously at least). Still I don't think you have very much to worry about but that's my opinion.

    - Chance

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    I was just commenting last night to a friend about how the drastic gap between the genders of those actively participating the ABDL community may be attributed (at least in part) to the fact that a girl could be a mild AB and no one would bat an eye. Plushies, cute posters and printed sheets are often the norm for women well into their twenties. Even beyond that, I think most would just think you enjoyed being a girl, not 'Oh my gosh, she must be one of those adult babies I've heard about on Doctor Phil...'

    Honestly, I really think everything will be okay. In fact, there's a good chance that he will find it cute. If you two are getting close, then there is a very real chance he values your youthful attributes as is, since no one is able to 100% leave them at the door when you put on your adult face. Little things slip out that we don't even pick up on, but others do. It's not that he thinks you're an ABDL, but he probably knows you have a younger 'soul' and is clearly okay with it. If he wanted a girlfriend who was all business and hated toys and such, in all likelihood he wouldn't have been with you in the first place as clearly that isn't your approach to life, whether in adult mode or little mode.

    I'm sure it will be all right, but please keep us apprised. ^_^

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    As everyone else has said, just show it to him, girls have the privilege of being able to have childish/cute stuff and no one would give a heck about it x3
    As for the being dense part, I don't fit in that stereotype o: I actually like to look at the details and stuff if I'm visiting someone's house or room, but perhaps that's the interior design fan inside of me
    Anyway, I'm a fat, hairy guy that has been told has the face of a russian hitman that has a handful of plushies, drawings and some toys around the room and that is known to love cartoons and has a pair of footed pajamas (which in these country are impossible to find for adults and traditionally considered as babies clothing only) and I can get away with it, I assume you could very, cery much easier do so too :3

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    Wanting to see your room is natural...

    I am going to have to agree and say that men are a bit less observational than women are. Most men are going to be thinking of the woman he is with, not hey it that Eeyore over there? Now that said if your whole room is child themed he probable will notice that. Now do your parents know about your DL/AB side? If you are comfortable with yourself then it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Now if you are serious about this guy then he is going to have to find out sometime in his life. Now that doesn't mean that you should just run off and tell everyone because people are cruel and can use it against you if your shy and uncomfortable with other people knowing about it. I told my fiancee about my wearing diapers to bed every-night after I was sure she was the one and that I loved her. She accepted me and told me nothing would make her love me less. She even gets me ready for bed and tells me I am cute in them lol. Anyways if you want him to know then show him your room as a starter. This will be the gauge you need to measure whether or not hes going to accept it or not. I personally think its not a big deal, if anything he will ask why you have so much stuff but he will not read anything into it. Don't worry, be yourself, things will work out!

    Let us know what happens!

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