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Thread: Been debating joining for months.

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    Smile Been debating joining for months.

    Hi, been a DL for a really long time, was a bedwetter growing up kinda reignited around 15-16 y/o. This site has so much positive advice and such good moderation that there really isn't any reason for me to be shy about registering anymore. Nice to have a supportive community.

    I don't have much experience, I actually just ordered my first shipment of REAL (Not downing, just my personal opinion, sorry if offend) products, rather than all the Wal-Mart brands I've been buying for 3+ years, I've gotten every one from Luvs, to Goodnights to every style of Depends.

    I can't say I'll post much, but if I find enough courage to say something positive, I will.

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    Hello Friend, Glad you could make it. It sounds like your a bit shy. No need to be, everyone on here has a reason. Trust me, very little people here are judgemental, and even if they are, they respect your opinion. Please post a bit about yourself.

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    Uhhh... Starting college soon, do computer work, ride motorcycles, single, no friend group at the moment since I just moved, living paycheck to paycheck in an RV. That's about it.

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    If you want to express yourself more, you can always join groups, but remember to just have fun with it!

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    It sounds like if you've just moved, have no real local friends and are living in an RV, life is not necessarily easy. I hope when you start college, things will get better. You should at least meet some like minded people and create a friends group. Anyway, welcome to the site and by all means, don't be shy. We're all so like minded here that it's easy to make friends.

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    Hiya! I rarely post in the site, I also suffer from extreme shyness >///<
    Anyway, welcome to the site, and good luck with meeting people and on college. what "real products" have you ordered? I've only had a chance to try non-store-bought diapers once and I really wish I could get more :3

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    Hi! I'm new to the site as well and also discovered that this is a great community with good moderation. Enjoy your new shipment when it arrives! I too spent a few years in store brands (mainly depends) before finally ordering the "good stuff" online. The diapers you can get online are fantastic compared to most of the stuff in stores (at least in my area).

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    Being someone who's never shared my "interests" with anyone, it's so odd to talk about. But I ordered M4s. They seemed okay. there was a thickness comparison between depends briefs and M4s, I was sold. I have a feeling it will be a completely different experience than any store brand.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, all.
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    Oh my god, M4s are AMAZING!! I love them I know you will too! And welcome welcome!

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