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Thread: Cerebral Palsy and diapers

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    Default Cerebral Palsy and diapers

    I have Cerebral Palsy I think that played a big part of me becoming a DL. I went to a special school in elementary school and there were a lot of kids in diaper that got interested in them. Plus I was diapered sometimes because of accidents. As a adult I went back to wearing full time because of my accident. I was wondering if there were ant other people on here with CP and if they had similar experiences?

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    You'd probably be better off not abbreviating Celebral Palsy in the title, since CP is an abbreviation for Child Porn, too...

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    Heh... I was thinking Corporal Punishment. Yeah... "CP" is pretty ambiguous!

    Back on topic: I have no first-hand experience with the sort of CP being discussed here, but I can certainly see where a condition that prolongs one's need for diapers might increase the chances of developing other attachments to them.

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    I had a friend in grade school who had Cerebal Palsy and wore diapers and everyone knew and was cool with it. He was a cool kid, I hung out with him a lot. I wonder what he's up to these days.

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    Wow, I thought CP was Cerebral Palsy as soon as I saw it o.o' but I suppose that's 'cause I want to be a paediatric physical therapist. >.> I think there are a few. I've seen it mentioned around here before.

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    I actually have Cerebral Paulsy too, and that's how I ended up in diapers originally. I actually have a very minor case, being in crutches for long distance. All my other friends who had CP were in wheelchairs, so I feel very lucky!

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    PameredKari how did you become interested in diapers?

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    Whats up man I have CP and use a wheelchair and am a DL. I think my CP had a lot to do with it I can't wear unfortunately because I need to much help with it. I'm hoping someday i can get out on my own and wear like I want to. My mobility issues make it hard for me to get to the bathroom quickly when out in public and traveling and such. All my doctors have suggested I use urinals or catheters but I would much rather just wear diapers.
    I too struggle with accidents and want to go back to diapers but I'm too afraid of what my family might say or think as my mom and brother are my care attendants. CPdude what did you tell your family and if you dont mind me asking how severe is your CP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1983cpdude View Post
    PameredKari how did you become interested in diapers?
    Well, I saw pictures of anime girls on the internet wearing them. It really got me interested so I joined a bunch of sites.
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    Hey there I have CP too. Growing up I had too many accidents to count. My parents thought it was completely my fault so I was punished with diapers as a young child. I think it is both because of my CP and the fact I was punished with the diapers that has caused the liking of them.

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