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Thread: That "Letting Go" Moment

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    Question That "Letting Go" Moment

    What goes through your head as you "let go" of yourself in a diaper? What do you think as you feel that warm rush of pee flow into your diaper while you wet yourself? What's on your mind as you push out a mess? How do you feel when you finally strap yourself (or are strapped into) a soft, comfy diaper? No matter what your specific preference for diaper use may be, whether it's messing, wetting, both, or niether, what is that special moment of release for you, and what do you think about while you do it? Share your thoughts

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    Well... It warm. Thats good... Also no use for walking to the toilet (Yes, i'm lazy :P)

    There is not *just* a way to explain it

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    While reading the thread I felt it coming the urge to go. I let it go slow while sitting and feel it on my bottom. I like that warm feeling.

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    Very true, it's hard to explain, in a good way Back when I was ambiguously binge/purging, I would get a sort of "too late now" or "this is it" feeling as I let go, whether I was wetting or messing. Now I just feel a very comforting sense of relief, like I'm letting go of all my worldly responsibilities as I let go of control over my bladder/bowels. It's a sort of euphoric high, lol

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    Innocence, yet guilt.
    Tiny, yet controlled
    I feel as if the world outside my house doesnt even exist, stress is lost in my using the diaper.

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    If I wet or poop in a diaper I think about being 2, that age where you were in control (if your parents weren't punitive about it). You are beginning to be able to control your bodily functions but don't want to let go of the freedom to pee and poop anywhere anytime, and the parents aren't hysterical about it yet. Or sometimes I think about being 3 or 4, and do it in my pants because I know what do do but sometimes just don't care.

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    I feel a sense of freedom and relax. Also a nice warm sensation when I pee in my diaper

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    When I wet, I also mainly feel myself completely relax. I love that warm feeling of just "letting go", feeling it run down into my diaper and not having to worry about leakage or going to the bathroom. I don't really have a feeling of guilt, just of pleasure, it is calming and relaxing. When I mess (not often) it is because I love the combination of the feeling of having to go and not being able to hold it any longer, combined with the warm messy feeling on my bottom, but also feeling little guilty. I must say I do often get slightly aroused my messing, possible because of feeling guilty. I never feel guilty or "naughty" when peeing.

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    "I'm so little now ;D and ooh yay it's so warm ^_^" That's me trying to sum it up. For me, there are no words to describe it. It's a combination of a ton of things everyone who already posted said.

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